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On matters directly affecting the blog’s quality: YouTube betrayed me.

I will once again sincerely apologize for the hoopla surrounding the video embeds lately. You see, YouTube has been swindling me. I’ve commented on this prior in my Twitter, and I’ll summarize the past month of this malarky here.

To start, back on November 2nd – the same day as the forced Google+ integrations, if you recall – YouTube abruptly disables monetization on my original channel. In a panic I tried changing my channel and moving stuff over, only for them to, 20 days later, disable the monetization on THAT, as well, SPECIFICALLY CITING my previous account. YouTube will not even let me start over.

I will note that both accounts were completely in good standing when this happened, and I had no prior warnings or incidents to explain this. The timing of it, in fact, gave me the perception that they simply wanted to screw over a legacy YouTube user for their “Fresh new thing” in the Google+ integration.

As I struggled with trying to speak to them (Help Center has not responded to any of my messages, and the support forum abruptly stopped talking to me the moment I noticed a contradiction between their stated policy and the reality of my circumstances.), something ELSE happened that rubbed the salt deeper into the wound.

The attack of the ghost of 4Kids.

This video was copyright striked:

Under a claim by the supposed “4Kids”.

Now, cast aside all prior thought on this, and let’s get this fact straight: 4Kids has been defunct for over a year, and no longer owned anything in that video. Furthermore, the very e-mail domain main of the alleged claimer was nonfunctional. In other words, there was no one going to be on the receiving end of the inevitable counter-claim I made, which is why this video is back up.

But, the question is, why? Not just why it happened at all, but why the TIMING of it? I had that video up for TWO YEARS, and during the time 4Kids was alive, they knew, because they already had that claim on my video WITHOUT copyright striking it.

Combined with the lack of a 4Kids in the current day, and… it’s quite apparent, YouTube (under Google’s ownership, so as to not cause confusion with the legacy of YouTube, as I’ve been a member of the site since 2006) THEMSELVES did this.
To give them the benefit of the doubt, I’d presume they tried strengthening their copyright bots and just neglected to remove the claims from an obviously-defunct company… but still! This is the most outrageous thing that’s ever happened to me in my entire time on the internet yet! And with how it was timed, it’d be easy to believe they were intentionally trying to take me down! This is SICKENING.

Some kind of action needs to be done. These sorts of issues with YouTube can’t stand.
They should NOT be allowed to harass their community like this, especially with money on the line.

I think sooner or later I’m going to contact a lawyer…

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  1. marvelus10: Vimeo has a blanket rule against videogame content. As for Dailymotion, I’ve tried that, and so far it really hasn’t worked out. I can’t get viewers, I can’t get my own recordings monetized, or anything of the sort. I might try that new GameCred site powered by them if it’s easier on there, but I’m not placing my expectations high.

    “3) When you set up your dupe channel and moved stuff there, YouTube saw you not as the same user, but as one of those annoying people that rip content off others on YouTube. As such, the system believed you were ripping off the ‘real’ KiddoCabbusses, and so flagged you against your own content.”

    Is obviously untrue based on the actual e-mail I got as to why my account was disabled (They said it was for the ACTIONS on my previous account, not the fact that my new channel had the same videos.) In other words, they outright said they knew who I was. I can supply the e-mail contents if necessary to prove this.
    Also, I haven’t submitted anything to be protected by YouTube’s ContentID (And was never able to), so there’s nothing on my channel to protect.

    As for the specifics of the claim from 4Kids, it was “Kulminator”, an audiovisual from Cubix. Cubix is one of the shows they sold their license of to Saban back in 2012, so that’s an example of a claim that was valid at the time, but no longer was by the time it SOMEHOW turned to a strike instead. I had left the claim unchallenged before that point, by the way, since I didn’t really care about (at the time valid) claims that had no lasting effect on my account status. I would not have even thought about this if it were not for what recently happened to me. Saban, by the way, does not seem interested in ContentID claims on content they bought off 4Kids in the least. Also, the domain name of the supposed claimer was DEAD. Non-functional. Gone. There was nobody on the other side. This begs the question of how that could have happened in the first place.

    Also, none of this explains why the monetization was disabled on the initial account to begin with, unless the 4Kids strike was being prepared in advance of that or some other really warped, similar reason.

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