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First Satellaview schedule… aka the longest blogpost ever?

ChronoMoogle here. Alright, I finally decided to pick up the work on the textdumping of the Famitsu schedules from the beginning. So here you’ve got the schedules of the first two weeks. They are fairly repetetive (and so was the work on it) thanks to the too few titles which were available from the start. We already got some of the bigger names of Satellaview games in the first week though, just read on. Everything else relevant will be stated in the notes. Read the rest of this entry »

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Diglett dig!

More schedule romanizing!

Unfortunately, August 7th through August 13th, 1995 seems like it was a fairly boring week in regard to new content. The only new entries appear to be followups to the enigmatic “Hyaku Monogatari” series and a demo version of Akumajou Dracula XX (which is different from the retail, shrinked from 16 to 8 mbit). Everything else was already listed in the previous week which ChronoMoogle covered.
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Dig III: Chrono Trigger BS specials, NABA-chan and more!

And here we go again, ChronoMoogle is back with some fresh analysis of the new-scanned Famitsu-Satellaview schedules! This time I gonna text dump and comment week 7/31-8/6 of 1995.

Source: Famitsu 347, page 191
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よし! Dig-into-it-Dug II: Trouble in Translation.

Apologies for updates being slow. I … don’t really have a good reason this time…

Anyway, ChronoMoogle wanted me to take a stab at managing some of the Famitsu Satellaview schedules myself. Here’s the week from 7/24 through to 7/30 of 1995.

Source: Famitsu 346, page 183

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よし! Let’s dig into it!

ChronoMoogle speaking! Ok, so we just got a unbelievable big load of awesome scans! Where should we start to analyse them? No idea. Yay! So whatever, I decided to just start somewhere… And my random choice was the broadcast schedule of 17-21. of July 1995 and we will probably go on with the schedules until my japanese got better or bluesun or somebody else is willing to summarise some more detailed articles for us.

But don’t worry, the schedules are interesting enough! Many Satellaview versions/demos nobody ever heard of are in the list of individual broadcasts. And yeah, I won’t let you hold your breath, here they are:

Source: Famitsu 345, page 177
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