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The problematic score of the Tsukuru games

Yup, ChronoMoogle is also on the blog now. Guess it’s time for a first writeup! Please mind that English isn’t my native language, so don’t act like a grammar-nazi to me 😉
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This week in BS-X Project: ASCII Data Pack emulation + New Data Pack ROM batch.

LuigiBlood’s work on BS-X Project has progressed with improved emulation of Data Packs. Now, the RPG Tsukuru stuff loads up! Look at this… very quick party wipe! Yay…? lol. Read the rest of this entry »


Ikari’s ROM Dumps; featuring Super Bomberman.

I got these from Ikari about a week or so ago, but amongst some of the other Satellaview updates, they kinda had to wait – especially since one is kinda a real bummer.

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