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The problematic score of the Tsukuru games

Yup, ChronoMoogle is also on the blog now. Guess it’s time for a first writeup! Please mind that English isn’t my native language, so don’t act like a grammar-nazi to me 😉

The Tsukurus with 8M pack slot. Everybody familiar with the Satellaview knows those games (including Ongaku Tsukuru Kanaderu, RPG Tsukuru 2 and Sound Novel Tsukuru) and some might also know, that the Tsukuru games  allowed to download contend for the own Tsukuru games or save the own project on a 8M Memory Pack.

Today we gonna talk about the latter option. Because it’s dangerous for everyones undumped data. Just a little reminder in case you didn’t know yet: Even if your BS-X Bios tells you, your 8M Memory Pack is empty, it is very likely that it still contains Soundlink-gamedata or demos with zero startups left. And A LOT of those kind of games still remind undumped to this day. If you didn’t know and own a 8M which seems to be empty, please contact us asap, there could be a little treasure on your card.

However, some people think “Okay, my pack seems to be empty, why not use it as a memory card for my Tsukuru games!” or “I would really like to see what happens, if I try to connect my 8M with a Tsukuru game!”… By all means – STOP IT! You are probably about to destroy data which might be on no other 8M Pack all around the world.

Those Tsukuru games are devilish for Satellaview preservation. And everybody should know it. Just a few days ago a salesperson on Yahoo Japan started a auction for the undumped BS Bombliss, just to remove it shortly after. After another half day he started another auction for a pack with Kanaderu Score on it. After reading this article, you should probably know what that means. We also often receive 8Ms which have those kind of scores. Just thinking about what could have been on that card before gives collectors and preservators real headaches.

Sometimes people do stupid things. Please try to avoid it, you’ve been warned now!

Have a happy Easter everyone!

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  1. Oh dear, oh dear.. you just had to remind me of that. Pfftt. >.<

    Anyway, I'd have suggested to wait until the auction is over before posting about it, but considering how that's a confusing mess of a listing anyway…

    Yeah, there's still an inkling of hope in me that that Bombliss still exists. HOPE, KIDDO! HOPE!

    Congrats on your first writeup, by the way. 🙂
    I'll be eager to see the one about the complexities of BS-X SRAM saving.

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