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UBSCSB Series 2: Family Basic.

Another entry caused by “I got nothing new on Satellaview”.

Out of boredom I decded to try looking up info on “Family Basic”, for the Famicom. If you already have an, um, “basic” idea of what the BASIC Programming Language is, then you should know what this would be just by the name.

Family Basic Sets tend to be expensive as heck on eBay, so purchasing one was not in my ability at the moment. Apparently Matthew Callis himself has some stuff though.

Digging down a bit more, though, I found this listing for a Hudson cassette.
To clarify this – Family Basic stored and read data off Data Cassettes using the Famicom Data Recorder add-on. Now, I heard of a lot of generic cassettes being usable here, but I don’t really recall hearing much about the commerically-sold products based around Family Basic, aside from the programming tools themselves. I tried digging up for info, but unfortunately I still need some more Japanese language skills – I only have some vague hints.
Either way, apparently stuff was commerically sold as Famicom Data Cassettes – how would one archive these? … perhaps a lossless audio format like FLAC?

… but yeah, going on from that, after looking that up, I decided to try throwing a search for Family Basic up on NicoNicoDouga. There are a -lot- of results, more than what I think I could fit in a blog article here (Maybe even demanding it’s own blog set?).
I unfortunately lazied out on getting the original links for these, but you can find them under a tag search for ファミリーベーシック on NicoNicoDouga. Some of these videos had descriptions or dates which implied them being homemade, but some have dates such as 1983 or 1986, and many of the NND descriptions clearly reference “Family Compuer Magazine”….

These are just some of the videos. It’s still quite a lot, though, so please use the “more” link to view them.

Read More…Read More…


<_< Excuse the title. Eh-hem.

Unfortunately news is slow today, so I’m gonna put up something less directly-tied to the Satellaview than the previous posts. (Ok, so besides being on the Super Famicom there’s hardly a tie at all. eh.)

Hopefully a few of the hardcores here know about the XBand – the dial-up netplay system for [your favorite 16-bit gaming system that wasn’t the TurboGrafx16]. Many people have fond memories of it in the USA. Most of these people may not have even the faintest clue what the Japanese XBand communities were like or what games that they played. Today, I’ve found one.

In this video, an XBand subscriber in Japan checks out various strings of JP text and then has a few rounds of Puyo Puyo against rivals.

懐かしのSFC XBAND ぷよぷよ

The first new Satellaview merchandise in years – …. what?

This just has to be seen to believe.

Behold, the “Talking Television” T-Shirt. (Isn’t it supposed to be a Satellite?)


There’s also a womanly variant as well!

I'm baffled.

I have no clue as to why these exist, but I sure as heck hope that sales for them go a bit to me, since I’ve become a sort of advertisement. D:

(Ok, you can give some to MadHatter from the BS Zelda forums for noting this as well.)


By now all you folks who read the old Blogspot version should be migrating over.

Apologies for the default layout. I’m still a noob at WordPress.

The old blogposts will be under scrutiny for quite a while while I edit them up and re-direct the video embeds to the new webspace.

I’ve been found!

!! Oh wow, look what I found!… or they found!…. or… yeah, just look or something !!

The blog’s been mentioned here.
Moreover, it seems like a positive comment on how my links work. I’m glad I got them fixed recently! ^_^

Ah, but um, all shock and awe aside…
Here’s a message for them, if it’s remotely comprehensible:



私は、私のブロッグに関する多くの内容がニコニコ動画, と他の日本のウェブサイトから来たのを理解していま



Don’t bother. Even if you can theoretically translate it it’s so poorly written it’s embarassing.
I really should take Japanese Lessons. Too bad not many colleges here have any…

Also, you may expect to see more horribly-written Japanese soon if the folks give me their blessings.
If they give me anything new, in particular, I’ll be sure to post proper credit where it’s due.