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One must have a lot of issues if you resort to scanning.

I was hoping for this update to be a bit bigger and more detailed, but I’ve been putting it off for too long. I think I’m getting hit with those “Dog days” of summer, so to speak!

This big update is provided to you special thanks to Benjamin Stevens of Planet VirtualBoy and ChronoMoogle of SNESFreaks!
Benjamin dug into his Famitsu collection and scanned all the Satellaview coverage from 1995.

To try to gather all of the scans conveniently, I’ve put them in this imgur page for easy viewing. There’s almost a hundred new scans!

A translation of everything would be great. Unfortunately, though, I haven’t managed to have anyone do a detailed and in-depth translation. That being said, bluesun read some very interesting things from the pre-release coverage in the first 3 or so issues.

” also, stating that trial broadcasts will begin in March, with the main launch of Super Famicom Broadcasts being on the 1st April”…
“Famitsu 319 page008.jpg remarks that the Satellaview appeared in the midst of rumours about the next generation ]…] so even before its release it was known that new consoles were expected soon”
it also says that Nintendo intend to release a Super Famicom Broadcast-compatible fishing game called “Virtual Lake (Tentative Title)” in August
[Editors comment: May have become Shigesato Itoi no Bass Tsuri No. 1]”
“the Super Famicom Broadcast announcement took place on the 21st December 1994 […] Suzuki from Square was in attendance there, and stated that they plan to use Super Famicom Broadcast to convey information about Chrono Trigger, and also are considering releasing Super Famicom Broadcast-compatible software. […] with a quote: Though I say we are considering this, we still are not definitely dedicated to doing so, but looking at it from a creator of software, it will give all sorts of possibilities to RPGs and novel-like games. [Editor’s comment: Ironically, Square’s Satellaview support doesn’t seem to include a traditional JRPG of any kind.]”
” it’s also remarked that some of them were worried about how well it would sell – it would be good if there was one satellaview sold for every snes, but if there wasn’t… […] so some third parties were waiting to see how well it took off”

There’s alot more than that, too! Screenshots of undumped games, schedules, and other interviews are all included!

This is highly crucial coverage! So much information about the Satellaview’s early days is contained in these scans. Quite a bit of neat artwork, too!

By the way, I decided to use up my imgur space on some other Satellaview-related galleries as well! Grabbing some of the older scans from there should be easier than digging through Satellablog as it currently is, so check it out!

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