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New ROM dump is so cheesy, and totally Square. Who delivered?

Sometimes I wonder if I secretly take breaks between my posts to think out the ridiculous puns and jokes in my titles…

Ah, well, anyway! Here’s a new ROM for you all while I wait on another batch!

(EDIT: And since I was so kindly reminded, this 8M dump was supplied by ChronoMoogle and ikari_01 of snesfreaks. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be jumping back to complaining about Xbox One and slacking off on the Sega Pico video I was supposed to be working on.)

Don’t panic too much, this ROM release isn’t quite a Radical Dreamers bomb or anything. It’s a pretty interesting magazine, though!

This is the April 7th Edition of “Game Tora no Chou Ooana 2”, which I assume is a sequel to “Game Tora no Chou Ooana” and thus a spinoff of “Game Tora no Ooana”…. that’s quite a bit to take in, huh?

This magazine focuses on a single game: Square’s Rudra no Hihou. It has screenshots and a text preview.

The state of the dump wasn’t perfect, and needed a good amount of fixing up before it’d boot on snes9x-sx2 (which seems to be the only emulator it can even boot on… and you need to force it to load as loROM even though it’s a hiROM or something, the emulator’s weird like that…)

Here’s the original dump:
4/7 Game Tora no Chou Ooana 2 | 4/7 ゲーム虎の超大穴2
ROM download

and here’s a fixed-up ROM.

Download fixed-up ROM to boot on xpp xe.

3 thoughts on New ROM dump is so cheesy, and totally Square. Who delivered?

  1. Aaannd let’s see what we’ve got here… Starting from 0x80000 we’ll find partially corrupted leftovers from Marvelous Time Athletic Course week 1! At least I hope it’s just corrupted and not from a different revision. Most of the data is identical with the complete dump from week 1, anyway.

    I think it might be just snes9x-sx2 having trouble on emulating this one. I don’t really understand why since a ROM having both Tora no Maki (5-17) and Tora no Maki (5-31) magazines work just perfect, and this “Tora no Chou Ooana 2” magazine seems to use the same engine, though with different CPU exception vectors (reset, IRQ etc.). bsnes-sx2 however has no problem booting it up after a simple checksum fix.

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