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Spreading Christmas glee from Wii years ago.

Since I don’t have anything Satellaview-y for Christmas ready this year, I’ll try making up a bit for it by putting up this Christmas-y Nintendo program from 2010. A brief, one-episode special revival of the “Super Mario Club” TV Show program I once brought up on the blog many years ago.

Also, it’s a nice test of the Dailymotion embedding.

復活!スーパーマリオクラブ 20101225 (未編集・CMあり 704×396… by Satellablog

Dailymotion video move

Just a small update. Unfortunately the blog hasn’t been updated with anything relevant lately due to the previous events referred to.

I hope to make up for this sometime. Maybe next year? As Mr. Iwata would say, “Please understand.”

Anyway, on the note of the YouTube stuff, I would like to say that due to all that, from henceforth up until YouTube bows to my feet and prays for forgivemess, I will be using Dailymotion.

Yes, I know I called Dailymotion “the darkest depths of hell” before, but hey, they let me be Official User now! 😀

… I’m such a sellout.

Since I made sure to list all the YouTube Satellaview videos as “Unlisted” rather than private, for my own ease, this will not retroactively affect the blog. But coming forward, expect Dailymotion embeds rather than YouTube ones, for better or for worse.

The mystery of the BS Dragon Quest ROM, continued.

So, when I went to practice my livestreaming, I used the BS Dragon Quest ROM as my ginuea pig.

Here’s one of the videos I put up. I apologize that it’s probably crummy – I’m playing blind in part because I suspect it might be easier to find Satellaview-specific elements if I’m not using a guide tailored for quick advancement through the game.

If you stay tuned until the end, you might notice I found something ELSE peculiar about the ROM, in comparison to the original broadcast.

I would like to once again ask, can anyone here PLEASE tell me where this originated from?

In the meantime, I put up for download the hack of the ROM. It’s just a quick header hack – the most obvious error is that there’s a ASCII “I” from the end of the english “BS DRAGON QUEST I” name that overwrote the file allocation byte. After changing that up, the game boots as expected and runs with no issues on a sd2snes.

BS Dragon Quest I header hack (for sd2snes)
ROM download

Your irregular “donations wanted” reminder + I’m goofing around on Twitch.

Hey folks, just another one of these. This time I at least have a good setup for it from the Twitch channel I’ve recently set up and am experimenting with.

Getting new material for Satellablog – and thus here – can really add up, especially since I tend to import from Japan often! I’ve managed to get as far as I have with only a handful of donations, but more would certainly be appreciated! Any amount is fine!

Incentives to donate, as I assume is similar with other people who take donations, may include:

Playing a game on request.
Playing a particular musical piece or playlist with Satellaview Soundlink games.
Trying to play a game in a certain manner.

Currently my Twitch has a run I tried of BS Super Mario Collection Dai-3-shuu, which I also upped to YouTube (but don’t feel like embedding here because it’s going on 3 in the morning.)

I probably won’t expect many donations… as usual…. but at the very least, Twitch visitors would be appreciated! Thank you all in advance!

Not the best Holiday music, but it’s all good.

So, a while back I said that I was trying to find some FLACs for SFC Dragon Quest I Symphonic Suite, as in the set specifically that played for BS Dragon Quest on the Satellaview. I will note that while my ears aren’t perfect, I DID notice differences in at least the earlier Famicom-based Symphonic Suites, which is why I was particularly picky in this instance.

Thankfully, I found a “Dragon Quest I & II Symphonic Suite” set, and it sounds very much like the real deal as far as my ears can tell. I’ve uploaded the flacs on a new Soundcloud account.

You can access said Soundcloud account here.

Since I’m not sure what other FLACs I can collect currently, any suggestions there will be appreciated. Thanks!