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First Satellaview schedule… aka the longest blogpost ever?

ChronoMoogle here. Alright, I finally decided to pick up the work on the textdumping of the Famitsu schedules from the beginning. So here you’ve got the schedules of the first two weeks. They are fairly repetetive (and so was the work on it) thanks to the too few titles which were available from the start. We already got some of the bigger names of Satellaview games in the first week though, just read on. Everything else relevant will be stated in the notes.

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AUBSCSB: Cableaview!

Jeez, It’s been 4 years I posted this old article.

I didn’t post much on the Sega Channel here since. (After all, it wasn’t really related… hah! Like that would’ve stopped me…)
You’d probably have expected me to have given up on my hopes of obtaining the Japanese BIOs ROM. But if you did, you don’t really know just how stubborn I am, do you?

I searched Yahoo Japan Auctions for the years since that article in order to retrieve it for a ROM dumper. Thankfully, In July of this year, my searching finally paid off as not one, but two copies eventually surfaced on Yahoo Japan Auctions – and for significantly cheaper than my recent 8M Pack hauls, too.

The cartridges eventually got in the hands of DocEggfan who recorded this video.

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It took me 2 minutes to think of a title for this post.

An infodump article! There is a special credit to give to this one. Check out “caravanforever” on YouTube and the website Paint It Yellow. These are great places to look into if you enjoy looking into the history of Hudson Soft, in particular.

And as someone who is concerned about the likes of “Adventure Island” and “Bomberman” dropping off the face of the earth, I very much am interested in that type of thing. 🙂

Actually, a while back I sent caravanforever a PM on YouTube. I figured that such hardcore Hudson Soft followers may know more about their Satellaview work, so I asked about the most recently-discovered oddity at the time – Star Soldier 2mins.

Much to my excitement, I got a pretty solid answer!

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