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2ROMS1Dump… or… 2Dumps1ROM… or… aw, the heck with it! Some new Picross for you.

Putting up this release after a long while, because of the combination of weird circumstances. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten too much time for deep analysis, but this should be a fairly beefy post anyway, if only because of the next few paragraphs.

There’s a good amount of evidence that there’s Satellaview ROMs people in Japan have that are not circulating among the most well-known ROM databases. Depending on who you ask, there’s debate on whether the people who have these ROMs are hoarders who don’t want foreigners obtaining their data, people who’d be willing to share if they were not afraid to talk about their ROMs for fear of Nintendo’s wrath, or simply casual pirates do not realize the significance of archival and databasing.

A part of me has secretly been wishing for a long time that someone would just take all the ROMs the Japanese internet has (that we don’t) and hand them to me on a silver platter. However, I knew that became an unrealistic desire when it became apparent that even NicoNicoDouga video uploads that were deleted, such as the footage of R no Shosai Dai-2-maku, were gone for the long-term.

Therefore, for the many years on the blog I’ve dabbled under the assumption that I would probably never obtain one of these supposed “Japan internet only” Satellaview ROMs.

Of course… you know where this is headed, right? Where I go “OMG CURVEBALL MEGATON, I’VE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER TO BE WRONG”?

Well, more or less true. Although perhaps what happened next may have diluted the impact in the opinions of some.

But it’s still all good.

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Volleyed a redump.

Putting a 8M Pack ROM dump up today.

It’s nothing too big a deal, though. It’s a redump of “Super Volley II” which was dumped previously by… shoot, I’ll need to dig up those No-Intro archives to figure it out. But anyway, Callis dumped this new one.

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St.GIGA radio, just a month before the Satellaview…

So it seems I haven’t gotten around to search “St.GIGA” on NicoNicoDouga in a while. That’s not good!

I tried a few days ago, and a set of uploads from last July caught my attention. Once again, someone uploaded a large chunk of St.GIGA satellite radio archival. So large, in fact, that I’m only gonna put the first portion here for now, and link the rest.

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Because I can’t properly integrate this into the blog yet…

Here’s a link to my Twitter.

I’ve been using it a lot more lately! In particular, I’ve been attempting to communicate with Japanese Satellaview fans over Twitter. With crappy Google Translate Wapanese, I’ll admit, but it’s better than nothing… hopefully!

Among some of the interesting things I’ve learned:

1) Many Japanese folks romanize the system as “Satella-View”, in spite of Nintendo’s official logos for it.
2) It was considered an expensive setup, and a few folks who may have wanted it didn’t get it because of the expense.
3) As expected, Yoshi no Panepon is one of the most well-known titles. Of course, Radical Dreamers is frequently mentioned, as well.
4) I frequent get commented on when I follow these people. 😛 (Indeed, I’m basically being a total madman here.)
5) There is at least one other person interested in dumping and archiving 8M Memory Pack ROM files. 🙂

I’m hoping to enhance the communications between Satellaview fans, and maybe attract the attention of more archivists – or perhaps people from older Japanese ROM scenes who may have held on to otherwise-long-lost ROM dumps. I’m hoping that I can get more folks interested. And that I’m not embarassing myself -too much-…..