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AUBSCSB: Cableaview!

Jeez, It’s been 4 years I posted this old article.

I didn’t post much on the Sega Channel here since. (After all, it wasn’t really related… hah! Like that would’ve stopped me…)
You’d probably have expected me to have given up on my hopes of obtaining the Japanese BIOs ROM. But if you did, you don’t really know just how stubborn I am, do you?

I searched Yahoo Japan Auctions for the years since that article in order to retrieve it for a ROM dumper. Thankfully, In July of this year, my searching finally paid off as not one, but two copies eventually surfaced on Yahoo Japan Auctions – and for significantly cheaper than my recent 8M Pack hauls, too.

The cartridges eventually got in the hands of DocEggfan who recorded this video.

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