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And now, the Miiverse Satellaview fanart!

With the Miiverse now viewable in web browser form, I now have a new way to call attention to Miiverse posts!

To start, let me link some Miiverse accounts of interest! 🙂
My own.

I’ve also made sure to save some of the Satellaview fan art locally!
Here’s Genjin’s!

I also saved my own, but… um… it’s not all that worth posting, hah.

Any other Satellaview fans on Miiverse? Let me know, please!

6 thoughts on And now, the Miiverse Satellaview fanart!

  1. That’s awesome. What’s encouraging is the date posted. Inspires me to make my own fan works, maybe some papercraft and what not… (I have a craft robo pro) better put that sucker to use 🙂

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