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This new ROM dump just poked my mons.

Today I have another one of my own 8M pack purchases to show everyone.

You may be interested in this release if you’re a Pokemon fan! … No, it’s not some kind of BS Pokemon game or anything like that. (though that would just be insane enough…)

It’s also not from the old “Pokekame Magazine” Pokemon TCG book ROMs, if I so may add.

Nope, this here’s just a video game magazine publication which happens to have some kind of coverage on a origami Pikachu… in Pokemon mini-manga form!

Of course, there’s a good bit more to this than that.

This is the 12/21 edition of “Tora Maga Daisakusen”, which appears to be yet another spinoff of the “Game Tora no Ooana” line of magazines.

This specific issue covers Satella-Q, Satella De Picross, said Pokemon stuff, Wrecking Crew 98, and various Nintendo 64 games in some manner which I can’t really read, but all looks cool! Said previews, by the way, also give me a good hunch that this was a 1997 magazine.

I’d probably have a good bit more to say if I could read up on these… I’d like to understand what’s being said about Satella-Q and Satella De Picross, in particular. Maybe bluesun will spot this release?

UPDATE: And he did. 🙂
And furthermore, it seems this magazine just got a good bit more interesting now that the contents have been dug into a bit more.

‘This Month’s Event game’: ‘Satella de Picross’
it says it’s been going all month, so most people will have already solved all the puzzles in it, so this mag you got is giving away an exclusive extra puzzle [NOTE: Empathis is by the blogger :P]
the solution will be given on the 28th, at the convenience store
the solution to the puzzle is this: http://i.imgur.com/Id31Tv6.png

apparently there was a prize for solving all the puzzles in Satella de Picross
The ‘Extra Puzzle’ given in that magazine isn’t needed to get the prize, but ‘if you’re aiming to be a Picross Master, you have to solve it’
the hint is that it’s something that everyone with a satellaview must have somewhere
and the present is the pokemon papercraft book
50 people won it
the book contains electric pokemon such as Pikachu, Coil and Thunder
or perhaps not ‘such as’, just those three
they actually planned to release 8 more books of them ;o
Next Month’s Event Game is ‘Panel de Pon Event98!’

Tora Maga Daisakusen 12/21/1997 | 12/21 虎マガ大作戦
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  1. So to put more coherence into the thoughts, this magazine has a feature about the event game from December 1997, Satella de Picross. People who solved all the puzzles in it could enter a draw to win the first in the series of Pokemon Papercraft books, Pokemon Craft Electric Set, of which part of the instructional manga included is also showcased. It contained papercrafts of Pikachu, Coil(Magnemite) and Thunder(Zapdos).

    Because the month was almost over by the time this magazine was broadcast, it remarks that many people will likely have solved all the puzzles already, so it includes an exclusive puzzle, giving the hint that it’s something everyone with a Satellaview has somewhere.

    The magazine also notes that the event game for January 1998 will be Panel de Pon Event ’98.

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