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No New ROMs Lately? Don’t Panic Yet, Here’s One!

It’s been a while since I put a ROM up, huh? Honestly, it’s mostly just been slow lately… but I do got something to show anyhow!

Remember when I said I purchased a lot of 8Ms on YJA and one of them had something I needed to get ROM dumped? Well, I sent it to Callis and now we have that something.

.. then I sent it to PYPYBM1 to play because I couldn’t figure it out. Hahaha!

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BS Zelda Homepage is down. (EDIT: and it’s up again!)

EDIT: Woohoo. A nice, massive crossout!

I went to check the BS Zelda Homepage and noticed it was down just now. How frustrating. 🙁

I don’t know much about why it’d be down – hoping it’s just a server issue that’ll be resolved soon.

In the meantime, here’s what Web Archive’s got of the site.

Also, the forums are here as always. Albeit much more difficult to navigate during the down time.

A “fishy” eBay listing is colored “Nintendo”.

So, this is just to let everyone know that you missed an eBay auction.

According to the listing for the “Itoi Shigesato no Bass Tsuri No. 1 Prize Fishing Lure Earthbound Mother 1 2 3”, this was the prize for a Bass Tsuri No. 1 event – probably the Haru no Zenkoku tournament. Any prizewinners wanna step up and elaborate on this?

The auction ended with a “Best Offer”… Hmm… quite the air of mystery, huh?

Since the auction link is doomed to expire, I’ll save the pictures of this up on here.

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BS Windows: SFC PC Mod also guts a Satellaview.

A while back on NicoNicoDouga there was an old video with a supposed PC-modded Super Famicom/Satellaview setup.

As it turned out, a bit back in February, GOLDEN00piro00 uploaded something similar to Youtube – but this is a lot more detailed and shows the internal modding that was done.

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