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New ROM Dump: 8Ms will find no place to hide in a world with Satellablog!

Alright! Time to put out a nice write-up!

This specific release is of a game demo that’s been known to exist among Satellaview undumped listings even before I or Satellablog was around. The actual condition of the dump isn’t perfect, but it’s very playable!

Various SNESFreaks members teamed up to get a new pack lot. (Yes, more ROMs will be incoming soon!) The one featured in this post was a team-up of Yankee and ChronoMoogle. And as you probably already expected, ikari_01 dumped the ROM.

Now, as for what the actual title is? Well, I think I mangled a Tatsunoko vs. Capcom translation of their stock quote enough to make the hint glaring and obvious, so let’s cut to the video embed!

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