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New ROM Dump: 8Ms will find no place to hide in a world with Satellablog!

Alright! Time to put out a nice write-up!

This specific release is of a game demo that’s been known to exist among Satellaview undumped listings even before I or Satellablog was around. The actual condition of the dump isn’t perfect, but it’s very playable!

Various SNESFreaks members teamed up to get a new pack lot. (Yes, more ROMs will be incoming soon!) The one featured in this post was a team-up of Yankee and ChronoMoogle. And as you probably already expected, ikari_01 dumped the ROM.

Now, as for what the actual title is? Well, I think I mangled a Tatsunoko vs. Capcom translation of their stock quote enough to make the hint glaring and obvious, so let’s cut to the video embed!

“New Yatterman – Nan Dai Kan Dai Yajirobe!” is based on the hit anime series that Tatsunoko has loved to milk over the years. This Satellaview download is a demo preview for the game that allows you to run through the first level, playing as either the Yatterman or Doronboh teams and their assorted mechas. According to ChronoMoogle, besides the lack of stages, the demo also cutted variations of the minigames the retail version has. I also noticed during one run that if the CPU opponent wins, you get the opponent’s stage ending, rather than a Game Over/Continue screen, like the one that’s in nensonduboi’s recording of the retail version. Go check for comparison!

The ROM data was apparently force-deleted at one point, missing checksum and maker values, like a certain Harvest Moon release. An IPS patch will be included to fix these values, but it’s not required to start up gameplay – it’ll run on any emulator. (… Wait, I just realized I screwed up the link on that Bokujo ROM and didn’t have the patch up… oh dear… I’ll need to correct that.)

The download date is listed as 5/5 in the game’s header. Matching this up with the Satellaview History Museum’s schedule archives leads us to this page and this listing:

☆14:00~14:10 NEWヤッターマン 難題かんだいヤジロベェ 取説 ゲーム博物館
★14:10~14:30 NEWヤッターマン 難題かんだいヤジロベェ ゲーム博物館

Translation attempt:

☆14:00~14:10 NEW Yatterman: Nan Dai Kan Dai Yajirobe User’s Manual Game Museum
★14:10~14:30 NEW Yatterman: Nan Dai Kan Dai Yajirobe Game Museum

So this appears to be a perfect match. However, ChronoMoogle pointed out to me that this is significantly later than the game’s actual release date (which is shown on full display at the end of the video, which indicates that the demo was released before the retail). So I attempted to try to dig backwards a bit.

Although Kameb’s site didn’t have any schedule archives from before April 1996, it did have an archive of announcements that went further back than the schedule archives do. In particular, I found this page. Click the text link next to the “NEW Yatterman” text and it’ll send you to this!

* 1996/ 3/ 3 *


Translation attempt:

* 1996/ 3/ 3 *
☆Bulletin!! Mystery Game of the week information.

Take a quick look at the latest software with “Secret Games”.
So, what game shall appear?
★March 7th(Thursday)~ March 13th(Wednesday)
“NEW Yatterman” (Yutaka)
The hugely successful, popular character! It’s an action game masterpiece.

So this demo was originally broadcast on March 7th, 1996 to promote the upcoming game release.

By the way, trivia of the week: 秘伝ゲーム (Hiden Game, which translates as “Secret game” or “Mystery Game”) is a good catch-up term for the various kinds of game demos the Satellaview had featured. Japanese Wikipedia has more info. It seems that among the varieties described, one we’re really missing is the timed demos. (Unless that Star Soldier one counts…)

Alright, now on to the download!
This should be straightforward enough.

New Yatterman – Nan Dai Kan Dai Yajirobe (BS) | NEWヤッターマン 難題かんだいヤジロベエ (BS)
ROM Download

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