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Let’s get this out of the way before we get the good stuff!

Hey folks! Just a heads up! I’m expecting some good new material soon!

… So let’s get some redundant padding out of the way!

Well, honestly, that’s a bit harsh; a redump is a redump, after all.

This came out of my own 8M Pack purchases, but it wasn’t something I knew I had. Wondering why? Of course, apparently the game was deleted off the 8M before I got it.

I was almost getting my hopes up a bit much when Callis told me I got a Wario’s Woods, but alas, it’s a redump of Futatabi! Bakushow Ban has eluded me yet again.

Although the header data is gone, it’s fairly easy to restore and you’ll end up with checksum data identical to the previously-established GoodSNES dump. So, basically, mostly just good for dump verification.

Wario no Mori – Futatabi (Deleted ROM header info)
ROM Download

This shall be added to the Java/Flash Embed section whenever I also bother to do that with Logos Panic.

But right now? I’m expecting a haul come the weekend. It may take a while to document, discuss, and post it all here, though, so be patient, ok? 🙂

(Oh, BTW, I’ve also set up shop on Etsy.)

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