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New ROM dump adds another to the list of Compile-ing releases

Hey, last Friday I released a ROM! Let’s try that again! 🙂

This time we have another 8M I purchased myself and Callis ROM dumped. And this releases brings me to a puzzling thought.

Is someone who worked for Compile watching me, by any chance?

I mean, over the last few years, I released multiple Puyo Puyo Satellaview downloads, to the point where I’ve released one for every Super Famicom Puyo Puyo except for the first game entry. And then, right when I’m running out of these? This pops up.

Now, mind, it’s one of those limited-boot-up entries that are data-wise identical to the main release, but still, look! Compile! Compile!

I’m almost imagining here that someone at Compile Heart decided to sell me 8Ms to ROM dump so they could fund their next Neptunia game… where I’d probably be the antagonist, since I’m distributing ROMs. Remember, folks, Satellaview preservation is piracy, and therefore evil! Also, everything’s better as a loli anime girl! … I wonder how the Satellaview’d look as a Neptunia character?

… *cough*! Excuse my crazy rambling! Anyway!

Satellaview History Museum’s schedule archives coincide well with the download date.

◇24:30~25:00 スーパーアレスタ 競技場

No listing for a “User’s Guide” this time.

… Also, now that I’ve noticed it, it’s kind of strange that the header is completely English, particularly since the schedule archive listing doesn’t have that.

Aw, well! Time for the download link!

Super Aleste (BS) | スーパーアレスタ (BS)
ROM Download

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