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Filler gets us closer to the goal.

A more basic upload set for filler after the whammy of a find the other day. This was sent to me via the no-intro forums (It was discussed on publicly-viewable threads there IIRC) months ago… back in May or so, I think! And as such this is the most obvious “I was way behind on posting these” backlog update.

It’s just Super Formation Soccer by Human. Same as the retail game outside the expected areas. I don’t recall seeing it in any of the schedule archives I have.

The ROM is in a .rar archive rather than a .zip as that is how I obtained it initially.

[サテラビュー] スーパーフォーメーションサッカー | Super Formation Soccer (BS)
ROM download

EDIT: I am dumb and posted about that before. Blast my bad memory.

And to pad out this article some more…!

A Parlor! Parlor! 2 (BS) redump. If I recall correctly this was in a haul ikari sent me.

Likewise, a BS Tantei Club: Kouhen redump

And also, a redump of Cu-On-Pa SFC (BS)!

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  1. I dunno how I got here, but I’m glad I did.

    I always thought people didn’t care for a old thing like the Satellaview!

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