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8M Packed with “Protien.”

This one isn’t exactly a “release” per se, as it – and it’s story – are already on the Assemblergames forum thread here. But Luigiblood fixed the dump, so I had to look at it…


… okay, I’ll be fair, this demo doesn’t have much of the stuff I would find inherently bothersome about Cho Aniki, since the only two playable characters in this demo are the more bog-standard protagonist Idaten and the goofy-face Umimin. But still… it’s Cho Aniki! And it’s on Satellaview! Gahh~~

While I am not absolutely certain on broadcast date and time, comparing the header date (9/15) the the Japanese release date of the retail game (9/22/1995) suggests that this was broadcast a mere week before the retail game. Strangely, though, I do not see this referenced in the Famitsu scan schedules that were submitted to me…? Logically it’d have been on one of these pages somewhere, right?

There are two separate zip files in this zip package, which contain the respective assemblergames uploads. If you want to play this on a Satellaview emulator please use Luigiblood’s patched “Cho Aniki Satellaview.zip” ROM.

超兄貴 爆烈乱闘篇 BS版 | Chou Aniki – Bakuretsu Rantou Hen BS Ban (Satellaview)
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