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Hard4Games’ 8M; (Chrono) Trigger Warning

Hard4games already covered this better than I could, so this will probably just have a few extra notes:

1) This 8M has both a hiROM and loROM ROM file, demonstrating that that is indeed possible.
2) The AK Live ROM has many similarities to the previous AK Live ROM release. The main difference, obviously, is that it’s the April 28th issue rather than the May 30th one.
3) These were also basically in the same state that pack was in – both ROMs were “deleted” and set to be overwritten.
4) some additional footage;

The ZIP file here contains two files.
H4G_MPBSX.bs ; the 8M dump as it was
H4G_MPBSX_CHKFIX.bs : the header data was restored, enabling the ROMs to boot on BS-X compatible emulators (Do not try these on other emulators, you will most likely get bugged text!)

ROM download