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BREAKING: It’s not quite “BS Beta”, but it’s pretty close!

Alright, this is already making the waves over my Twitter, YouTube and the BS Zelda forum, let’s get this out here too. This is basically a BREAKING NEWS ROM dump here. Once again, sanmaiwashi got this 8M and skaman from no-intro sent it to me.

Very yes~

BS Zelda Dai-2-wa.

Now, you may be wondering “Why would you want Dai-2-wa so bad? Wouldn’t Dai-4-wa be better?”

But let me tell you, I was curious about this ever since it clicked on me that the episode 3 data was not complete with episode 4 being a mere week from broadcast. I REALLY wanted to see how things changed each episode, and… wow, some of this is interesting.

A part of me has considered the speculation that BS Zelda was literally being worked on and tweaked as it was being broadcast, with changes to the data occuring between episodes. And this… well…

Let me copy paste some of what I put on the BS Zelda Homepage forum thread on this.

There is one difference that even a casual playsession can notice with a careful eye. This screenshot appears to show 2 instances of a player character location, but what it actually is is that the compass indicator is green in this, instead of red! (SmashManiac cross-checked this with makuchan’s broadcast uploads and confirmed it was that way there too, though it was a lot harder to see.)

Further differences to find required more digging. Unfortunately, many of the old PAR cheat codes for the other ROMs do NOT work here, including the ones for many of the items. So I had to do some crazy ROM hack douchery to go into levels 5, 7 and 8. (I did not go to level 6 as it was locked by the game clock.)

Level 5 is pretty similar to how I remember, except that when you feed the bait to the NPC, instead of flickering away, he just poofs out suddenly.

Level 7… ohhhh, dear is this one interesting. Let’s show some screens.

What is THIS eartly graphic? My livestream audience immediately shouted “Poison room!” though it seems it may use the same tiles as the lava that would be there later… or… I dunno. Whatever it is… WEIRD.

All the rupees in the secret rooms are off-center!

Even in this room!

AI behavior that screenshots can’t show well; Double Patra is a LOT more aggressive. The duo can zoop around all the way to the edges of the screen and I swear it’s almost like their movement is random! THIS version of the boss is SCARY.

There are dungeon layout differences of some kind. While I may have went through many of them not noticing, THIS one hit me hard;

Right before Level 7’s boss room… a red bubble room! What makes this TERRIFYING? When you take the stairs to this room, you immediately spawn a mere TWO TILES TO THE RIGHT from one of the bubbles. You can get hit by one ALMOST IMMEDIATELY WHEN YOU ENTER, and you can’t defeat the ep. 4 Aquamentos without a sword, so you gotta go back through the stairs to the nearest room with a green bubble – which ALSO has a red bubble AS WELL AS blade traps.

peaking of which, that Aquamentos is kinda buggy – instead of going from green, to blue, to red, he goes from green, to red, to green again. The shot pattern also seems different somehow but my memory is fuzzy there.

I was able to find the Red Candle in Level 7 and the Silver Arrow in Level 8 much like expected, which makes me wonder why I can’t cheat to get them.

Like the episode 3 ROM, Level 8 gets a bit quirky near the end. Not quite the same way, though…

“Oopsie there. Misplaced my fire.”

The triple dodongo room in level 8 has dodongos with bugged walking animations – they look like they are CONSTANTLY in pain when they move horizontally. Strangly, the triple dodongo room in level 5 did not have this problem. (Again, needs video to show)

After beating the Aquamentos again, I braced myself for the next room, which we all know has the Blue Manhandla that was bugged in the episode 3 ROM. I was expecting something similar to that, or maybe some interesting conceptual idea…

I was not quite expecting a regular Manhandla. A plain, ol’, Vanilla Manhandla.

So does that mean the next room is a plain ol’ Gohma?

Nope, it’s a blue Gohma! But… there’s just one!
Man, considering how it seemed like the earlier level 7 was designed by an utter sadist, this level 8 feels anticlimatic in comparison!

also, BREAKING: LuigiBlood has tested the music/SPC hacking. There is ONE TRACK missing….
And it’s the new track made specially for BS Zelda, which was buggy in the episode 3 dump (of what is available in ROM data only the Map 2 dump has the correct version.)


… Okay, let me just link the ROM already! I need more ROM hackers in on this.

[サテラビュー] BSゼルダの伝説 第2話 | BS Zelda (Map 1) Episode 2
ROM Download

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