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New ROM dump is the Same Game as SameGame, but not quite the same. You game?

Happy birthday to me~! What ROM was I holding on to for months for this day this time?

Oh, here it is~!

UNDAKE30 SameGame Daisakusen, Mario Version! Thanks to the same 8M-Pack-Obtaining group as mentioned in the post linked. Now we have the Satellaview version of SameGame Mario!

“Oh, c’mon, Kiddo, isn’t this the same as the cartridge version?”

… Ahh, but that’s the thing! I wouldn’t have saved this up if it was a boring dump, now, would I? Let me get out a quote from nensondubois!

“bsx version is 1.12a an sfc version is 1.17b
with different copyright years”

Now, now, hold off the “OMG TEH BAETA” jokes for five minutes, folks. That’s right, it’s an earlier “revison” of UNDAKE30 SameGame Daisakusen!
So, what exactly is different between this and the cart?
To begin with, as you can see in my video recording, this version has actual BS-X integration, with an option to return to BS-X when you are finished the game, as well as, according to ChronoMoogle, an “Event Game” style password generator which tells you to submit your password to St.GIGA for prizes. These are options that obviously had to be removed when the game was made into the promotional cartridge, and as such the latter revision that the previous ROM dump is based off of.

I’m not sure if I explained this previously, but it’s quite obvious now that UNDAKE30 SameGame was designed originally as a Satellaview original. “UNDAKE30” is also in some schedule listings as a Super Famicom Hour radio program, although unfortunately I have no archives of it.

I don’t know what other differences there may be underneath the obvious, but comparing this and the cartridge version should bring some interesting insight into how Satellaview software development is different from Super Famicom cartridge software development.

UNDAKE30 SameGame Daisakusen – Mario Version (1.12a) (BS) | UNDAKE30鮫亀大作戦マリオバージョン (1.12a) (BS)
ROM Download

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