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New ROM dump Forces me to Force out a new pun. (Plus some redumps)

Before I get into the details of this ROM dump, let me attempt to elaborate on some credits to be given, because this is a bit complex.

A bit earlier in the year, I arranged in the SNESFreaks community a small group to purchase a chunk of Satellaview 8Ms. Some of the ROM dumps coming out, including the following ROM and some from later on – including a notable release I’m saving for my annual birthday ROM – are going to be from this set. The people involved in this include SNESFreaks community members ChronoMoogle, lytron, RedScorpion, Yankee, Wilo, Marcoeagleeye, and Tenchu, and all the 8Ms were dumped by ikari_01.

(Updates on who to credit for what specifically may be pending.)

Now, without further delay, let’s force this one up!

There, now I can stop that pun.
It’s “Darius Force”, which was released in the US as “Super Nova”.
It seems that it’s pretty easy to tell if a Satellaview download is going to be identical to the retail cart simply by looking to see if it has a copyright date of 1994 or earlier, doesn’t it?
Darius Force isn’t much different there.
The download date, 3/15, appears to correspond with this schedule archive in the Satellaview History Museum.

◇14:00~14:30 DARIUSFORCE 放送局

DARIUS FORCE (BS) | ダライアスフォース (BS)
ROM Download

In addition to this, I’ll also put up a few redumps we got from the big haul.

To start, we got another dump of “BS F-Zero 2 – Practice” from ChronoMoogle. Better than Callis’s previous dump of this, since the title screen isn’t glitched. 🙂
BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 – Practice
ROM Download

Here also is a redump of “BS Fire Emblem Dai-4-wa” (from the big chunk). As expected, it more or less verifies the old ROM dump in how the only difference of note is the date of download.

BS Fire Emblem Akanea Senki Hen – Dai-4-wa: Hajimari no Toki
ROM Download

Last, but not least, one more Dr. Mario redump from Yankee. This is the best redump obtained so far, since it doesn’t have deleted header data or any shenigans like that.

Dr. Mario
ROM Download

(There was an additional Dr. Mario in the batch as well, but I don’t wanna flood the internet with redundant redumps, you know? Just relevant ones. 😛 )

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