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Kiddon Mattrick: “The infinite power of the SoundCloud will improve your Satellaview’s audio.”

I already mentioned this in the BS Zelda forums and my Twitter, but hey, blog padding!

You may have known that I’ve been collecting FLACs for Satellaview music for a while, with a particular aim to collect all the video game arranges used on the Satellaview as well as any other Satellaview-specific music compositions.

However, even having some of them, it’s difficult for me to simply have them available on here to listen to and download. Therefore, to facilitate in the distribution of these FLACs I’ve resorted to using SoundCloud.

I’ve currently got two Soundcloud pages available for particular music sets.
Click here for the recently-obtained “Fuurai no Shiren Special Arrange Version” and “Ihatovo Monogatari” FLAC sets, among others.

Click here for “BS Zelda” and “BS Super Mario” general FLACs.

I’ll talk more about Fuurai no Shiren a bit later. 🙂

As for Ihatovo Monogatari, I’ll admit, I don’t have absolute definite proof that BS Ihatovo Monogatari itself uses that soundtrack. The promotional ad from BS Tantei Club, though, certainly does, if you open your ears to listen: