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Spent a long time fishing for new ROM dumps; results incoming.

So you probably noticed the blog was idle for a while. Like, a long while.

There was a combination of factors that led to this. (Mainly, a combination of me getting a new part-time job, and focusing my internet time on more profitable matters.)
I apologize if I burdened anyone with this.

ChronoMoogle has convinced me to try writing articles up for here again. The most notable thing he told me is that no one who checked the blog pays attention to my livestreams, (other than SmashManiac. Thank you, SmashManiac.) so it turned out I unintentionally split my communities up. Guess I better work on integrating them better!

They may not be as much of a regular pace as before, or as big as before. But this should still be the place to download new Satellaview ROM dumps when they arise.

Last year had a bit of a slow trickle of dumps for a while before there was a sudden, well, bit of a megaton.
I’m sure many of you saw the Kirby no Omochabako dumps referred to on Kotaku, so I may not have to write articles on those. But I will put up quick ROM download links for them somewhere down the line (currently they are actually uploaded in an unsorted manner on my private webspace, so they are safe until then!)

Anyway, for the time being I will try trickling down dumps from the latest batch provided by ChronoMoogle, ikari_01 and Yankee.

Let’s start with this one, just for pun!

つり太郎 (BS) | Tsuri Tarou
ROM download

This quirky fishing RPG appears to be the same as the retail version of the game. Which actually threw me off considering the title screen has some unorthodox interactivity.

I’m not entirely sure what else to say about this one. It’s a bit weird and gets tough as you progress further in. It also requires a good bit of patience, just like real fishing.

I’ll let ChronoMoogle tell me what to release next post. 🙂

Apparently how the Satellaview worked was difficult to understand, or such.

So, someone was uploading YouTube videos in a place I wasn’t exactly paying attention to, but thanks for me actually searching on Twitter, I found these!

I don’t recall if this is anything that was uploaded in the previous sets of Hikaru Ijuin radio content – it sounds new to me, but I didn’t give too close a look.

Still, these are some nice audio snippets! Currently there are 16 (with a strangely missing 15th entry) “How to Satellaview” audio snippets on YouTube.

Read More…Read More…

New ROM dump is making me feel like a very Kiki pervert.

Every now and then there’s a ROM dump we search for, even knowing it’s gonna be the same damn game as the retail version, simply because the game is so good that we want to point at it and go “Yeah, THIS was on Satellaview! Cool, huh?”

Previously that was what pushed me to get Act Raiser and Sonic Blast Man. Now Yankee’s contributed one himself here, in Kiki Kaikai.

Perhaps the folks reading this might be more familiar with the localized title, Pocky and Rocky. Or perhaps you’re not familiar with it. Either way, you should play this! … and so should I, since I’m LOUSY at it. As I’ve said many times before, Vertical Shmups are my absolute weakest genre skill-wise.

This has a download date of 6/6.
Checking this page on the Satellaview History Museum, which corresponds to 6/6/1997, shows this listing:

◇16:30~17:00 奇々怪界~謎の黒マント ゲーム博物館

Kiki Kaikai (BS) | 奇々怪界
ROM Download

New ROM dump has you facing yourself

So here’s a new one of those Casino Bar days!

This specific one is “Thursday” and it’s centered around Poker! You’re up against an old man, a tomboyish girl, and… a BABY? Holy heck, I know Japan tries to raise them gambling-addicted young from all the Sega Pico games I’ve played, but that’s pretty ridiculous!

You might have noticed something particularly interesting in this one…. portraits of the BS-X player avatar characters!

It’s pretty strange how they took those from the promo art even though the in-game sprites look nothing like that art, but hey, spritework is spritework!

I took the time to do a quick n’ dirty rip of the sprites for anyone who wants to use them in their fangames or something…

Speaking of fangames, I’m staff of Nintendo Community Fangame Convention 2014 this year, and registrations are open. I hope we can somehow flood the entries with Satellaview! … Course, that likely won’t happen, but hey, optimism!

カジノバー 木曜日 | Casino Bar Mokuyoubi (BS)
ROM Download

NOTE: This ROM doesn’t wanna boot on my sd2snes. It’s currently only confirmed to boot on snes9x-sx2.

YouTube won’t give me a break. >_<

Don’t be surprised if my other YouTube videos are affected by this soon. :/

This is frustrating. YouTube’s given me a hard time before, as you’ve all seen, but I’d say this case easily surpasses the last in how utterly ridiculous and baseless it is.

Can someone tell me WHAT Google’s supposed botting detection algorithms are so that I can figure out how they could accuse a channel with a paltry ~650 views of botting? Because this is, obviously, a broken algorithm.

The most frustrating thing about this is that while I have heard reports of a spike in “botting” allegations from YouTube, I can not find anyone else with a scenario quite like my own. Every other YTer who’s been hit with this that I’ve searched on the internet… each one of them at least has a 5-digit viewcount. Why go after a channel with a measly 3-digit one that’d probably take a few more months to reach it’s 4th? It almost sounds like YouTube just outright doesn’t want new content providers on the site anymore. It’s pretty scary to think about, especially the idea that this could happen to basically any newbie on YouTube.

I’ll try to rush the next few ROM releases accordingly, while video is still available on my YT. Give me a bit of time to do write-ups…

New ROM dump Puyowned! Is this a milestone?

Let me start this off with a video that’s actually kinda old.

This isn’t the actual ROM dump in question, even if it looks that way… it’s really just a YouTube mockup.

I made this video a bit after Yankee from SNESFreaks told me had obtained a 8M Pack with “Super Puyo Puyo” and posted a few screens. It’s been a long while since then, but now, we finally got the ROM dump available to download here with the help of ikari.

By itself, this ROM isn’t too significant – it’s very much identical in most aspects to the retail build.

But if you remember Satellablog over the years, there were a lot of Puyo Puyo dumps.

I think now is a high time to highlight the whole anthology, because with the addition of Super Puyo Puyo there is now a COMPLETE SET of Puyo Puyo Satellaview ROM dumps.

Super Puyo Puyo (BS) | スーパーぷよぷよ (BS)
ROM Download

Super Nazo Puyo (BS)

Super Puyo Puyo Tsuu BS Ban

Super Puyo Puyo Tsuu Remix BS Ban

Super Nazo Puyo Tsuu For Satellaview

A nice fiver, huh?

The Satellaview also has a version of that Madou Monogatari kindergarten kids game. Hopefully that will be obtained as well!

I know there haven’t been many updates on the blog – quite honestly, it’s easier to get attention on the likes of Twitch and YouTube, so I’ve moved many of my efforts there. But this will still be THE spot for the Satellaview ROM releases and writeups. Hopefully everyone’s still around to check things out. There’s still a few more ROMs to go from here for now, and I’m still working/slacking off on those Famitsu scans. So stay tuned!

Milestone Update: Sekiban redump verifies the need for restoration.

So, one of the many milestones I was trying to get to all these years has just happened.

I sent some 8M Packs to ikari_01 of snesfreaks (Details as to why him are a long story involving me taking responsibility for some issues with the crowdfunded 8M Pack purchases.) and something highly surprising came out of the result.

The good news? BS Zelda no Densetsu: Inishie no Sekiban Dai-1-wa has been redumped and it’s ROM is verified.

The bad news? BS Zelda no Densetsu: Inishie no Sekiban Dai-1-wa has been redumped and it’s ROM is verified.

If you need further explanation on that, here’s the AST page on the BS Zelda Homepage. The very reason the “restoration project” exists is because the original ROM releases had significant chunks of data not present, including the indoor tiles.

While I don’t know the origin of the four on the page, I do know this: The only difference between them on the site and this redump is a mere copier header. And y’know, those can be removed without incident, leading to…

That’s right: 100% IDENTICAL ROMs. Actually, this is baffling even by my standards… My main reason to hold the Sekiban ROMs suspect was the blanked-out date value in the BS-X headers, but for some reason this redump – which came out of my very own 8M Memory Pack – has this same issue! This probably explains the “scene” releases of the BS Marvelous ROMs, as well… I’ll need to report this to No-Intro and see what discussion happens on that.

I now have no reason to doubt the validity of the Sekiban dumps anymore… they are as good as it’s gonna get, missing data and all. It’s unfortunate… yet, at the same time, I feel like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. The burden of this duty is no longer hanging on my fandom-centered conscience.

Because of how the verification turned out, this milestone has been rather bittersweet for me. The BS Zeldas, obviously, introduced me to the Satellaview, and a part of me was hoping I could find a “more complete” Sekiban ROM dump. However, this redump tells me that this is simply impossible. The restorations on the BS Zelda Homepage may be the only way to play the games for the foreseeable future.
This also tells me that I should expect similar if I seek out Kodomo Chousadan Mighty Pockets Chousa 3, another ROM which seems to have incomplete portions and an early-game crash in emulation, which may be restorable but at the cost of data preservation.

Also, this has inspired me to do an update for the Sekiban ROMs restoration patch in Japanese… I know the Japanese audience wants to play these again, and I would be glad to help them to the best of my ability. Expect that on the blog in a mere few days, or even hours… written entirely in poorly machine-done Japanese. I need to practice that more.

I will put the redumped ROM up here for reference, even though it is identical down to the byte.

BS Zelda no Densetsu: Inishie no Sekiban – Dai-1-wa (Redumped and Verified) | BSゼルダの伝説 古代の石盤 第1話(検証ROM)
ROM Download