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Happy Bustday to ‘View

I don’t have a strong “Satellaview Birthday” celebration post, but I got a ROM release, thanks to crediar (and ChronoMoogle putting the pressure on me to update here, rather than my Youtube. Hah~!)

Take a look at some of the things referenced here. FFVII? F-Zero X? THE SEGA PICO?

EDIT: Bluesun has given this a glance! Some notes:

[11:36 AM] bluesun: Right from the start it seems interesting(edited)
[11:36 AM] bluesun: As far as I know there was never a N64 <-> GB cable released, was there?
[11:39 AM] Kiddo: Well
[11:39 AM] Kiddo: There WAS the transfer Pak, designed specifically for Pokemon Stadium
[11:39 AM] Kiddo: And only compatible with that and a few other games IIRC
[11:40 AM] bluesun: First interview is about making a card game for the N64, that would use a connected game boy for each player to show each player’s hand in private
[11:40 AM] bluesun: Something like Four Swords Adventures
[11:41 AM] Kiddo: They were thinking of something like the GBA Adapters that far in…!
[11:42 AM] Kiddo: The most likely card game candidate would be Pokemon Card Game GB

[11:44 AM] bluesun: F-Zero article: F-Zero X release date announced!

[11:47 AM] bluesun: The HMD is an advert for Sony’s Glasstron https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glasstron

[11:50 AM] bluesun: Third news is about Sega opening a Pico theme park in Vietnam, “Sega World Of Hanoi”
[11:50 AM] Kiddo: Wait
[11:50 AM] Kiddo: Sega pico
[11:50 AM] Kiddo: THEME PARK?
[11:51 AM] bluesun: expecting 300 thousand visitors in the first year, the staff are being thoroughly trained on how to introduce the controls to people seeing a video game for their very first time

[11:53 AM] bluesun: Fourth news is clickbaity, ‘Will Astro Boy really be born in 2003?’, and is about a Tezuka Osamu World park that’s going to be built ready for 2003

[11:57 AM] bluesun: The woman with the gun is the magazine’s new addition to the editing team, Isobe. “She can sing, dance, and draw art!”

The recording was done in SNES9XPP XE, BTW. Haven’t had too much time to actually check the dump status, but Busters magazines aren’t usually bad per se. The ROM was provided to me in .BIN format, but a simple file format change should make this runnable on the more expected SNES emulators.

Digital Magazine Busters BS 6/7:
Original Link
Satellablog mirror.

I can’t fool anybody. :(

I wanted to make this a more legit April Fool’s joke but don’t have the skill, so here’s my dumb gag pic.

EDIT: WAIT WAIT, I got another one!

Unrelated: Collecting Bomberman anime.

I have considered using this blog to post about other rare gaming stuff for some time. I’m still not certain if I’ll do it often, but this? The attempt to obtain and rip this is much of the reason the blog has been slow, so you bet your horse I’m making sure you guys all check it!

ボンバーマン 勇気をありがとう私が耳になる | Bomberman: Yuuki o Arigatou Watashi ga Mimi ni Naru

A few copies of this VHS are circulating on Yahoo Japan Auctions now. I was pretty excited seeing the cover art, but now I would say that cover art is slightly misleading. You see, while Bomberman does play a role in this anime, it’s really more about a family recovering from an earthquake disaster, with a few Bomberman scenes interspersed for comedic relief.

There are currently no subtitles, but if I can get bluesun to care about this, that might change. Though I’m uncertain about that, considering how disappointed I was that this wasn’t something more like… well, Bomberman Jetters, which would be an actual Bomberman anime.


Bビーダマン爆外伝 最強バトル&サウンド大百科 | Bomberman B-daman Bakugaiden Saikyou Battle & Sound Daihyakka

If you’re familiar with the Bomberman B-daman anime series, you may kinda like this one! Or maybe not, I dunno. It’s also a bit weird, but in this case the weirdness is what I’d come to expect from late 90’s Japanese kids media promotional material – that is, Japanese people trying to rap over a card game. Yep. JUST LIKE POKEMON.

Highlight of this one? “Go Go Bakugaiden” with no credits. That OP looks gorgeous! And my rip of this vid may be the best it will ever look as long as Bakugaiden does not get the Blu-ray treatment!

Oh, um, by the way…

If you guys are wondering where the haul of Kirby no Omochabako ROM dumps from last November/December are, they are on Satellaview.org website. Callis started this site up to better document details about the dumped Satellaview ROMs. It’s a bit early in development, though!

I may write more about the Kirby games in regard to personal opinions a bit later. 🙂

Do what you want cause a pirate is free, you are a ROM pirate.

Thanks to ChronoMoogle for pushing me to update AGAIN. Also for the actual 8M Pack ROM in question! We got an innnnnteresting thing here.

Here, we have a “Bakusho Mondai no Totsugeki! Star Pirates” ROM.

So, this ROM… it’s likely to be a bit of a mystery for some time. But that said, first thing to note: We got our first Satellaview quiz show ROM. It’s not Satella-Q, however. This seems… much more strange.

The ROM recording up above gives you an idea how it plays, although there are no button inputs in the video, but I assume most of the content is shown anyway.

Without a translation, it’s hard to tell if there’s any context you can get for the quiz questions within the base game – if it’s like Satella-Q, probably NOT!

Furthermore, it is difficult to even tell what EPISODE it is.

Let’s take a look at this Japanese Satellaviewiki for reference.

1997年06月22日 ~ 1997年06月28日

1997年07月27日 ~ 1997年08月02日

1997年08月31日 ~ 1997年09月06日

1997年09月21日 ~ 1997年09月27日


If we go by these dates, and compare with the header date in the ROM, which is 8/25, then… Maybe it’s episode 2? I don’t know! The header does not specify the episode title, much to my frustration!

BTW, since I didn’t get the time to ask bluesun to look this up, here’s a Google Translate of that same page’s description of the program, with some edits by myself to add clarity:

A sound link game consisting of a quiz format. [The Plot is] that [Bakusho Mondai] rides the [apparently problematic] space ship Star Pirates […] and collects hidden treasures scattered in the universe. Every time the spaceship breaks down, landing on a planet somewhere, the planet there will somehow challenge the [player with a] quiz [verbally spoken and pre-scripted]. Radio broadcasts are broadcast the same every day for the week.


(Also, don’t forget to check prior posts on Bakusho Mondai programs.)

爆笑問題の突撃! スター パイレーツ 8/25 | Bakusho Mondai no Totsugeki! Star Pirates 8/25 (Satellaview) ROM Download

I personally suggest using SNESGT to boot this emulator – and set the game clock to around 3 minutes into the hour or earlier so as to not accidentally skip content.

The Kiddo who cried ROMs.

Because I slacked off on the releases lately, I’ll throw two up here today.
They’re both gonna be magazines, so one may consider this a boring update. Alas…

Both of these are from the Yankee/ikari/ChronoMoogle ROM set from previously.
There will be many (kinda old, but still good) translated notes from bluesun. They were originally posted on Discord, and as such have been reformatted.

According to bluesun, this magazine, based on the text in the ROM itself, is the final issue of “Game Tora no Ooana Special”. It would be replaced with “Game Tora no Chou Ooana”. Not that I know how significantly different they would be.

It features quite a lot of screengrabs of anime games – and some of the best ones on Super Famicom, to boot. DBZ: Hyper Dimension, Gundam Wing: Endless Duel, and Sailor Moon SuperS are all repped here.

Some of bluesun’s notes:

A Soundlink game broadcast schedule: “From 3/31, we’re moving the Soundlink games from 16:00-19:00; to two slots 17:00-19:00 and late night 1:00-2:00″ This week’s games are BS Super Mario USA and BS Marvelous (both repeats)”
3/30/1996 was the only year where 3/30 was a Saturday, so yeah, seems that Game Tora no Ooana Special is from 1996(edited)
Kamebon’s in the score chart! (the Satellaview schedule museum with Kameb in the URLs is run by Kamebon)

The ROM has difficulty booting on emulators because of hiROM compatibility shenenigans. The setup I used to record the ROM was SNES9XPP XE (bugged as it is) being set to force hiROM bootup.

3/30 ゲーム虎の大穴スペシャル | Game Tora no Ooana Special 3/30
ROM Download

Another baffling magazine that seems to make little sense without the contextual radio program meant to accompany it. The title “Okami ga Kita” is based off the Aesop Fable “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”, but it’s hard to tell how anything in the program relates to that!

Notes from bluesun:

Shigeru Izumiya and Ayumi Hamasaki were the stars of ‘The After-School Kings’, a radio show broadcast on St. Giga
even with the text it makes about as much sense as without the text, really…
I guess a lot of it was related to whatever the radio was showing at the time
menu options:
Let’s Go! The Anything Rescuers
Blown Kisses to the Pretty Ayumi’s Heart
Surprising Guests! Izumiya’s Fodder
Aiming to be an international celebrity! A license of fire
Everyone, the address is he-re!
picture with text: top right: chocolate cigarette / bottom right: By Ayumi
the guests option eventually shows a list of Future Guests
the international celebrity option shows a profile of a 穂漬ショーン崇高 (Suko Shaun Hoseki? doesn’t seem like a real name), a 5-year-old Bilinguakid born in LA and attending an American Curriculum School. His nickname is Johnny
(that name took ages to copy down and I’m still not sure I got it right. Either way, 20 years on they’re no celebrity at least)
The text under the animals are the species. The mouse says “Squeak” above it
And the address option shows the address
That’s everything in the magazine, and I’m still left wondering how it all fits together

The ROM has blanked out header data, meaning this was recovered as deleted and set to be overwritten. The deleted header makes it difficult to boot up properly in emulation (You will most likely get garbled text, which occurs due to a failure to detect a game as being designed for BS-X.) I doubt anyone’s gonna try to redump this, though.
I myself did some quick header hacking to be able to generate a ROM that would show text in SNESGT in order to do the video recording, but it seems a bit bugged anyway so I’m not gonna put it up for download with it until it’s fixed.

泉谷しげる・浜崎あゆみ 狼が来た!! | Izumiya Shigeru & Hamasaki Ayumi: Okami ga Kita!!
ROM Download

Isn’t it Exciting when a redump is different?

So, does anyone here remember this article from way back? The bad Excitebike dump always made me curious what I could find by trying to redump what is already available.

Well, in some good news, we managed to get two more of these – and in better shape, to boot!

These video previews I made show the most obvious differences:

Much like the bad Stadium 1 redump, the Stadium 2 dump has a stricter Boo Jump minigame. (Since I last tried this, I did somehow manage one run where I had more than one attempt, but it seems to be activated by performance, and is very difficult to get.)

As with Stadium 1, the Bass Tsuri tournament ad is there!

We also got one of these for Stadium 3! Unlike Stadium 1 and 2, the Boo Jump game plays the same as in the reruns.

As for the advertisment in this one?
According to bluesun, it is promoting the Fall 1997 season of “Game Tora no Chou Ooana”.
… It also looks like something I threw in MSPaint in 5 minutes, but I swear it’s legit. o.o

There might be more to find in these I have not seen yet.
Furthermore, it might be possible to improve the restoration of the bad Excitebike redump with the data from the Stadium 2 redump! I will post more updates on this as it goes.

エキサイトバイクバンバンマリオバトルスタジアム2 封切り | Excitebike: Bunbun Mario Battle Stadium 2 (Premiere Build)
ROM Download

エキサイトバイクバンバンマリオバトルスタジアム3 封切り |Excitebike: Bunbun Mario Battle Stadium 3 (Premiere Build)
ROM Download

These dumps were provided in the latest SNESFreaks community ROM dump batch.

EDIT: More detailed redump credits; Yankee_SFC and orzvektor for the 8M Pack, ikari for the dump, and ChronoMoogle for getting on my ass to edit this in.

Giving a kickback to releases of last year.

So, remember when I said that I tried attracting the ROM hunters to my vids on YouTube and it did not exactly work?

Let’s backpedal a bit, thinking about that. While I was trying to do that there were some new ROM releases. The specific ones I am thinking about on this post were simply put up on No-Intro one day while I was not looking, so I didn’t get to see who dumped them, but it appears to be some folks I do not know anyway. Oops~

Regardless, I decided to check them out. This is basically just to tell you what these ROMs were:

Basically the same as the SFC retail game.

第1回BSサテラビュー杯 サテスポ 8月5日号 | SATESPO 8/5 (Satellaview)

So, a long while back there was a “Satesupo DX” ROM dump.
This Satespo (Argh, blast you, Japanese naming!) is, from what I can tell, the predecessor series. It basically covers the same kind of horseracing material for Derby Stallion 96. I wonder why they overhauled the format? Much like other magazine ROMs, this was a bit of a pain to boot, but I managed it and recorded the contents.

If there were any I missed, feel free to let me know. ^^;