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I’m feeling kinda Dezae…

Finally, following up on BS-X Shooting, another Dezaemon BSX Version has been found.

A while back sanmaiwashi published a video showing that “Crystal Guardian”, the third in the Satella shooting trilogy, was ROM dumped. The ROM was eventually sent my way, and I went about messing with it similarly to the BSX Shooting ROM.
It turns out that the base engine code is exactly the same between ROMs, with only the relevant game data being changed. This means you can use the exact same procedures to hack Crystal Guardian that you can do BSX Shooting. This includes turning the game into a SRAM file as seen in the video embed above.

This is even more useful in Crystal Guardian than in BSX Shooting, because it gives you direct access to the new soundtrack composed for it, which I worked on making a SPC rip set of.

As for Crystal Guardian itself? I haven’t been able to make a recording of it that matched the quality I wanted, because the game is pretty difficult for me – way harder than BSX Shooting. That said, the new music is great, and this has a surprising amount of visual eye candy. You can tell these guys were trying to push SFC Dezaemon to it’s limits.

Dezaemon BSX Version – Crystal Guardian

Also for download

Crystal Guardian converted to SRAM (for Dezaemon SFC Version)

Crystal Guardian SPC set
Crystal Guardian MP3 set

MP3s will be available shortly.

4 thoughts on I’m feeling kinda Dezae…

  1. I don’t know how I missed this release, but just now trying to download and the links are not working.
    Thank you for all the hard work.

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