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The sound of novelty and horse racing

Here’s a brand new Satellaview Memory Pack dump from Andrew Henderson, with some interesting content, to say the least.

This Memory Pack contains 4 files, filled with brand new undumped content, and everything works.

The first file is オキラクコウザ (お気楽講座), which is actually a first: This is the first dump of a playable Sound Novel Tsukūru DLC!
This is dated June 30th, 1996, and with a bit of a playthrough, this is a very silly one, and it’s fairly hard to find actual information about this.
It starts with a lot of instructions, and a choice between the main story, a minigame and to exit. I did not understand much, unfortunately.

To play it, load the Memory Pack with Sound Novel Tsukuru, select the first option, then the last option, then it should be after the two first samples from the base game.

The second and third file are KANADERU SCORE, which are Ongaku Tsukuru music data. The thing to understand about these files is that they’re basically SRAM backups, not very different in functionality than using ASCII’s Super Turbo File. Loading one of these would replace the SRAM entirely.
What is very interesting however, I believe these are actual downloadable content of some sort because these are some of the actual non converted music used in Ryōma de Yuku!

Normally, you use the convert feature of Ongaku Tsukuru to make a new file compatible with RPG Tsukuru 2 and Sound Novel Tsukuru, but you cannot actually convert back to an editable format, so this is either the Memory Pack of someone who actually made the music, or this was made available via broadcasts.

The fourth file is サテスポDX5号 (Satesupo DX Vol.5), which is a magazine pretty much all about horse racing! You may remember that we have dumped some of these in the past, which also prompted the findings of new Satellaview music (which were in the BS-X ROM the whole time), there’s really not much to say as we don’t really read japanese properly, but we still think these magazines should be preserved too.

The overdump data after those is from a RPG Maker Super Dante title, it cannot be differenciated from any of the Super Dante games like Jewel of Live or Cock-A-Doodle-Doo, there’s nothing to recover.

Here’s the file with the full Memory Pack dump. Again, thanks Andrew Henderson for the dump!

Okirakukouza + Kanaderu Score + Satesupo DX Vol. 5 | お気楽講座 + KANADERU SCORE + サテスポDX5号
ROM Download

And then seperate downloads for each part:

Sound Novel Tsukūru Data – Okirakukouza | 「サウンドノベルツクール」対応データ お気楽講座
ROM Download

ROM Download

Dai-1-Kai BS Satellaview SateSupo DX – Dai-5-gou | 第1回BSサテラビュー杯 サテスポ DX第5号
ROM Download

Guns are going Wild now

LuigiBlood here. Lately someone named Kaeru got in touch with me about Memory Packs that were bought recently, as well as overall Satellaview discussion.

I learned that Wild Guns was one of them, which was at the time, undumped, it was on eBay for a price that we didn’t think it was good, so we passed on it.

After giving advice on how to dump Memory Packs, Kaeru got dumping hardware and dumped the Memory Packs, and allowed me to release the brand new Wild Guns Satellaview release dump, right here.

The game seems slightly different within the data when I compared both the retail japanese release and this one, so they might have done some various small fixes here and there.

There was actually 1 startup left (and it was launched a couple times recently), and it seems the data wasn’t entirely finished being processed, but it is correct, and that’s the most important thing.

I have included a ROM with the limited starts removed, but if you use the DRM free BS-X ROM you don’t need it.

WILD GUNS | ワイルドガンズ
ROM Download

2020 Was A Rough Year, But It’s Almost Ogre.

(Yes. I waited that long just for that pun.)

One more release before the year’s end – one I was kinda holding back on for a bit while I thought of how to present it.

Back in February, hendersa found an 8M pack of the 8M Pack demo of Tactics Ogre and put some footage up on this channel.

It was ROM dumped fairly shortly afterwards – I believe hendersa learned how to make a dump himself, which is impressive – and I spent a bit of time analyzing it.

There’s no issues with the dump, and it emulates well enough on just about anything, so we can get right down to the contents.

The game boots right into a pre-set map with a red team and blue team, each with matching sets of characters from Tactics Ogre’s minor character/class pool.

The most interesting thing about this demo is when it clicks in that the player has control over all the characters in the battlefield; regardless of red team or blue team, the 1P controller can check their menus and issue them commands as their turn comes up. If you have a buddy (or group of buddies) around, you can pass the controller to make a sort of multiplayer experience.

Here’s where I give a reminder that Tactics Ogre is normally a completely single-player game. 😀

The header date of the ROM is 10/2. Since it’s not likely for the demo to have been put out long after the retail game’s availability, this makes the download date almost certainly 10/2/1995. That was a Monday, so it’s possible this may have been the demo’s earliest availability, but I can neither confirm or deny that (It does not seem to appear in those scanned Famitsu schedules? Then again, neither did the Cho Aniki demo…)
Tactics Ogre would be released 4 days later.

If you’ve been checking the Satellaview archival videos on NicoNico and from Kukun kun’s YouTube Channel, you can tell that Tactics Ogre was frequently promoted – there’s potentially more to ROM dump for Tactics Ogre regarding magazines with promo screenshots and potentially more radio programming to recover. However, It doesn’t seem like any of the archival recording we have directly references the demo. That said, I might be wrong there. Feel free to correct me if that is the case.

タクティクスオウガ BS版 | Tactics Ogre BS-Ban
ROM Download

We are past the triforce of BS Zelda dumps now

This is LuigiBlood again 🙂

Today is a nice day, sanmaiwashi strikes back with more undumped content, and this time, this is BS Legend of Zelda Map 1 Episode 4!

This may not sound as exciting for most of you who are used to the Mottzilla project, where all 4 episodes are playable, but this is important for long term preservation, as this means we have a finalized Map 1 map for real now.

The previous dumps that we had were Map 1 Episode 3, then Map 2 Episode 1, which was used as a base for a lot of hacks, then sanmaiwashi redumped them, also giving us a clean dump of Map 2 Episode 1 and then a brand new dump of Map 1 Episode 2. Now we have Map 1 Episode 4 !

[サテラビュー] BSゼルダの伝説 第4話 再放送 | BS The Legend of Zelda MAP 1 – Episode 4 (Rerun)
ROM Download
Dumped by sanmaiwashi

Once more interesting research is done, we’ll most likely talk about it in due time. For now, enjoy this release. Thank you again sanmaiwashi for this ROM 🙂


Cabbusses has made some research about this game, let me relay his words:

  1. It is from a rebroadcast, and there’s build differences to show it. The Teleport effect that appears in the Map 2 ROM when you find the Power-bracelet-activated warps is present here.
  2. Another difference is in Level 8 – You know how in Map 2 there’s conveniently-placed bombs before the triple dodongo room, that weren’t there in the Map 1 ROMs? They’re in this revision. Compare these to the NicoNico video uploads to see how they weren’t in the premiere.
    Because of these it may be best to label the ROM in some manner showing it’s a revision (BS Tantei Club was labeled “Saihousou” in old Goodsets previously, which means “Rerun”. Perhaps we may have to opt that again?)

The pink ball is rallying… somewhat

Hey there! This is LuigiBlood, this is my first post here.

I want to give some Satellaview dumps, but first, I want to give a proper release to my only dump so far.

[サテラビュー] BS Nintendo HP 10/18 (BS)
ROM Download
Dumped by LuigiBlood

This is a dump of a digital magazine based on the Nintendo homepage from the web, we had two of them in the past. While it may not be the most interesting, the music is just fascinating and preserving these things is also important.

I have also made a SPC music set including a lot of unused music.
[サテラビュー] BS Nintendo HP 10/18 (BS)
SPC Music Download


Now I know what you are looking for, and that’s the last original Kirby’s Toy Box game, Ball Rally!

I am happy that we have secured it thanks to sanmaiwashi who was happy enough to let us release the dump!
I have to mention a couple sad news about this dump: The Flash memory was rotting away the data, and that means that Ball Rally is not in its pure state.

It also contains another version of Baseball, which the title is different, but the bitrot definitely ate away a lot of data. However, after patching the checksum of both, I have not seen anything out of the ordinary of these versions while playing. But as a result, we have to treat them both as bad dumps as we were not able to repair the data.

The download includes the original Memory Pack dump as well as seperate playable files with the checksum changed (the data stays as is).

Title ScreenIn-Game

[サテラビュー] カービィのおもちゃ箱 – ベースボール & ボールラリー | Kirby’s Toy Box – Baseball & Ball Rally (BS) [Bad Dump]
Original Dump + Checksum Patched ROMs Download
Dumped by sanmaiwashi

Have fun with the final piece of Kirby’s Toy Box… okay there’s technically only two left, which is Megaton Punch and Samurai Kirby, both of which are straight up standalone versions of the minigames from Kirby Super Star, which according to people I talked to who have played it, seems identical.

It’s not impossible that I make a couple posts from now on, with some talking points that I feel are important to talk about, and possibly more dumps in the future!

The 25th anniversary comes with a Holy Grail (Guest article from ChronoMoogle)

Hello all, ChronoMoogle here!

It’s been a while since I made my last guest-blogpost here on Satellablog, but it was about time for this release.
Those who follow my ramblings on Twitter will likely know that I am somewhat of a maniac about the game Terranigma, better known as Tenchi Souzou in Japan. This Super Nintendo game is very dear to me – it is the first Action-RPG that I ever played – and up to this day, very few games can match up to the tight gameplay, great story and beautiful presentation of this Classic. In my opinion at least.

It originally let me to revisit and collect for the Super Nintendo and eventually ended up caring and helping with the console’s preservation. Also, I ended up exploring the rest of Quintets output during the 90s – which made me appreciate their output even more. Even though the studio folded end of that century, they definitely were one of the best Japanese development teams of their time. Notable is that some team members from Ancient Corp and Enix also had a lot of input into Tenchi Souzou, but looking where the team behind Tenchi Souzou and lots of elements/ideas from this game went after it’s development concluded, is a story for another day.

Today, I want to tell you about Tenchi Souzou on Satellaview. A few years back, KiddoCabbusses and me went through a ton of fresh scans of Satellaview streaming schedules, which got printet in the Weekly Famitsu during the Extension’s high life. We were of course on the hunt for unheard information about games, mags and demos on Satellaview which were previously not publicly recorded in the internet. And we found quite a few of them.

One of these was Tenchi Souzou Demo. And that got my heart pumping: The original game is a 32Mbit title, which means it can impossibly fit on a Satellaview cartridge. To allow fitting on the small size of the flash cart, this Satellaview demo definitely could only be a slice of the game and thus MUST have differences to the retail version. I had to find this.

I was on the search for it for a few years and kept on buying new Satellaview 8Ms every now and then, but as you all know it’s a lottery. At least I found some other cool stuff on the way.
Something else that I did though, was tweet every now and then, spreading the info that this demo exists and that I want to find it no matter what. I am really glad that I did that, because after a few years I got contacted by a seller who found the demo on an 8M and was willing to sell it to me.

Thanks to the generous contribution of Matthew Callis, Carnivol and Dieter von Laser, I was able to buy it and ikari_01 helped as usual to get a clean ROM dump of the demo out of the cartridge.
The demo itself consists of a bunch of the CGI cutscenes from the game, which play after clearing major dungeons. The demo was likely ment to show off these special visuals, which were quite impressive for the Super Nintendo in 1995 (and still look quite nice today). There is no gameplay, it’s just cutscenes. So for most this will likely be nothing earth-shattering, but I know of quite a few other Terranigma-Fans out there which were really looking forward to get their hands on this. And it’s one of the few unique demos for the Satellaview which is not same to retail in existence. I honestly can’t put into words how glad I am to release this today. Thank you to everyone who helped to get this out there.

Happy 25th Anniversary to Terranigma/Tenchi Souzou and greetings to all the fans of the game!
Make sure to visit this year’s anniversary Twitter hashtag: #天地創造25thおめでとう

[サテラビュー] 天地創造 DEMO | Tenchi Souzou Demo (BS)
ROM Download

[Kiddo’s notes: The file download here comes with the ROM in it’s original dump state as well as a ROM by ikari_01 that is a more proper preservation with no corruption and correct checksums.
ChronoMoogle‘s post focuses on celebrating this dump for today‘s anniversary of the game, so what I want to add to this story is the tale behind recovering the dump to it‘s original state.
After obtaining the 8M Pack for ROM dumping, which took some period of time, it seemed that, in spite of the best attempts the team did, the ROM dump would consistently come out like the dumped state, making it a corrupt ROM.
The “Corrupt” ROM is almost as fully playable as the fixed one. (It will fail checksum checks, so it wouldn’t run on modern Satellaview emulation setups, but otherwise…)
Because of this, we spent a long while struggling to figure out what was wrong.
Eventually, ikari_01 figured the best way to resolve the issue was to compare the ROM to the retail game…
Lo and behold, the corruption happened in a small area in the fonts, a really obscure spot that’d have been impossible to track without such a comparison.
Once the retail game’s font data was written over the corrupted font data, the ROM’s checksum was correct without needing to change it, confirming the purification. The result is the fixed ROM.
This kind of ROM recovery was nearly miraculous.
This is ultimately a cautionary tale of how, even if you do everything seemingly right, 8M Packs are VERY fragile!]

I’m feeling kinda Dezae…

Finally, following up on BS-X Shooting, another Dezaemon BSX Version has been found.

A while back sanmaiwashi published a video showing that “Crystal Guardian”, the third in the Satella shooting trilogy, was ROM dumped. The ROM was eventually sent my way, and I went about messing with it similarly to the BSX Shooting ROM.
It turns out that the base engine code is exactly the same between ROMs, with only the relevant game data being changed. This means you can use the exact same procedures to hack Crystal Guardian that you can do BSX Shooting. This includes turning the game into a SRAM file as seen in the video embed above.

This is even more useful in Crystal Guardian than in BSX Shooting, because it gives you direct access to the new soundtrack composed for it, which I worked on making a SPC rip set of.

As for Crystal Guardian itself? I haven’t been able to make a recording of it that matched the quality I wanted, because the game is pretty difficult for me – way harder than BSX Shooting. That said, the new music is great, and this has a surprising amount of visual eye candy. You can tell these guys were trying to push SFC Dezaemon to it’s limits.

Dezaemon BSX Version – Crystal Guardian

Also for download

Crystal Guardian converted to SRAM (for Dezaemon SFC Version)

Crystal Guardian SPC set
Crystal Guardian MP3 set

MP3s will be available shortly.