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My first blogpost attempt with some demo/trial versions

Hi, danyl here. You very probably don’t know who I am so let me introduce myself :

I am the last person who joined the team because they recognized my talent and uh… more seriously my role is just for research/datamining the Satellaview stuff and for my first blogpost, here’s a few trials/demo versions than I am responsible to release. Let’s begin ;))

Before to talk about this dump let me tell you a little story if you will, 11 months ago before than I joined the team in July 2023, I found a sale of a mysterious Memory Pack appointed “ミスティックアーク 体験版” for around $200.

When I told it to LuigiBlood (because I knew him since February 2023) he said that it wasn’t worth it because originally the sale was for $70 and the seller increased the price.

However, (this is just my opinion) that increase is (partially) justifiable because I know a lot of things about this dump but before I will answer to the questions of some of you might ask: “If nobody of the team bought it, How did you get it ?”

The answer is simple : an anonymous contributor bought it at the last minute (this what LuigiBlood said 3 months later after when I said I was disappointed we didn’t get the dump)

Anyways this is an Demo version of the Square’s famous RPG, Mystic Ark !

This precisely a demo which contains the intro + the title screen of the game.

Also for the little fun fact: The download date on the header (6/26) corresponds to the Premiere of this game which was the June 26, 1995, Here’s a picture of it below:

Also it got 2 magazines from the radio program “ゲーム虎の大穴” during this premiere date :

虎の大穴6/26 1 18:30 ~ 19:00

虎の大穴6/26 2 22:50 ~ 23:00

The official description is : 超大作RPG『ミスティックアーク』の デモバージョンです。

Here’s the broadcast schedule list:

1995/06/26~1995/07/01(2 times per day)
1995/07/20、1995/07/22(1 time per day)

This was a very short broadcast period.

MYSTIC ARK DEMO  |  ミスティックアーク  デモ バージョン
ROM Download


This is a Trial Version of Super Bomberman Panic Bomber W !

It’s comparable to the SFC retail with some differences like the Multiplayer Mode which is not available and you cannot change the difficulty and Boss fight modes and the biggest difference is that you can only play Round 2 on the story mode where you fight in succession Perth, Brawl and Metal Bomber (the secret opponents and the tutorial are also available in this version).

Like Mystic Ark Demo, the download date on the header (5/1) corresponds to its Premiere Date which is May 1st 1995.

With Elfaria 2 Demo video, it was one of the secret games during Hudson Special Week (Between May 1st an 9th 1995) for promoting the release of Super Bomberman 3.
And I have the official description of “ハドソン特集vol.1” : 「スーパーボンバーマン3」大特集「高橋名人の歴史」もあるよ。


Here’s the broadcast schedule list :

1995/05/01~1995/05/08(Maybe 9th or 10th ?)(1~4 times per day)
1995/07/17~1995/07/24(2 times per day)
1995/08/07~1995/07/13(1~2 times per day)
1995/09/11~1995/09/15(1 time per day)
1995/10/16、18、20、21、22(1 time per day)
Reruns at the Winter Vacation Secret Game Encore Tournament :
1995/12/23、28、1996/01/02(1 time per day)

Super Bomberman Panic Bomber W (Trial Version) | SUPERボンバーマン ぱにっくボンバーW(トライアル版)
ROM Download


This one is a little bit strange because we already got a similar ROM which was just appointed “ドカポン外伝” which was a retail game of the Game Best Selection which had begun in August 1996.

But here, this is a little bit different because this is the Game Tora no Ooana secret version.

According to LuigiBlood, Its seems to be identical to the previous dump of Dokapon Gaiden – Honoo no Audition in terms of content, but a lot of content is all 00s instead (precisely there are 30% of differences). Also it seems to have 12 limited starts (this can be explained because the early games with limited starts has 15 limited starts by default).

Here’s the broadcast schedule list:

1995/11/16~1995/11/23(2~3 times per day)
1995/12/27、1996/01/02(1 time per day)

Dokapon Gaiden – Honoo no Audition BS Ban | ドカポン外伝BS版
ROM Download

And…. That’s all for the moment.

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