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Filler gets us closer to the goal.

A more basic upload set for filler after the whammy of a find the other day. This was sent to me via the no-intro forums (It was discussed on publicly-viewable threads there IIRC) months ago… back in May or so, I think! And as such this is the most obvious “I was way behind on posting these” backlog update.

It’s just Super Formation Soccer by Human. Same as the retail game outside the expected areas. I don’t recall seeing it in any of the schedule archives I have.

The ROM is in a .rar archive rather than a .zip as that is how I obtained it initially.

[サテラビュー] スーパーフォーメーションサッカー | Super Formation Soccer (BS)
ROM download

EDIT: I am dumb and posted about that before. Blast my bad memory.

And to pad out this article some more…!

A Parlor! Parlor! 2 (BS) redump. If I recall correctly this was in a haul ikari sent me.

Likewise, a BS Tantei Club: Kouhen redump

And also, a redump of Cu-On-Pa SFC (BS)!

BREAKING: It’s not quite “BS Beta”, but it’s pretty close!

Alright, this is already making the waves over my Twitter, YouTube and the BS Zelda forum, let’s get this out here too. This is basically a BREAKING NEWS ROM dump here. Once again, sanmaiwashi got this 8M and skaman from no-intro sent it to me.

Very yes~

BS Zelda Dai-2-wa.

Now, you may be wondering “Why would you want Dai-2-wa so bad? Wouldn’t Dai-4-wa be better?”

But let me tell you, I was curious about this ever since it clicked on me that the episode 3 data was not complete with episode 4 being a mere week from broadcast. I REALLY wanted to see how things changed each episode, and… wow, some of this is interesting.

A part of me has considered the speculation that BS Zelda was literally being worked on and tweaked as it was being broadcast, with changes to the data occuring between episodes. And this… well…

Let me copy paste some of what I put on the BS Zelda Homepage forum thread on this.

There is one difference that even a casual playsession can notice with a careful eye. This screenshot appears to show 2 instances of a player character location, but what it actually is is that the compass indicator is green in this, instead of red! (SmashManiac cross-checked this with makuchan’s broadcast uploads and confirmed it was that way there too, though it was a lot harder to see.)

Further differences to find required more digging. Unfortunately, many of the old PAR cheat codes for the other ROMs do NOT work here, including the ones for many of the items. So I had to do some crazy ROM hack douchery to go into levels 5, 7 and 8. (I did not go to level 6 as it was locked by the game clock.)

Level 5 is pretty similar to how I remember, except that when you feed the bait to the NPC, instead of flickering away, he just poofs out suddenly.

Level 7… ohhhh, dear is this one interesting. Let’s show some screens.

What is THIS eartly graphic? My livestream audience immediately shouted “Poison room!” though it seems it may use the same tiles as the lava that would be there later… or… I dunno. Whatever it is… WEIRD.

All the rupees in the secret rooms are off-center!

Even in this room!

AI behavior that screenshots can’t show well; Double Patra is a LOT more aggressive. The duo can zoop around all the way to the edges of the screen and I swear it’s almost like their movement is random! THIS version of the boss is SCARY.

There are dungeon layout differences of some kind. While I may have went through many of them not noticing, THIS one hit me hard;

Right before Level 7’s boss room… a red bubble room! What makes this TERRIFYING? When you take the stairs to this room, you immediately spawn a mere TWO TILES TO THE RIGHT from one of the bubbles. You can get hit by one ALMOST IMMEDIATELY WHEN YOU ENTER, and you can’t defeat the ep. 4 Aquamentos without a sword, so you gotta go back through the stairs to the nearest room with a green bubble – which ALSO has a red bubble AS WELL AS blade traps.

peaking of which, that Aquamentos is kinda buggy – instead of going from green, to blue, to red, he goes from green, to red, to green again. The shot pattern also seems different somehow but my memory is fuzzy there.

I was able to find the Red Candle in Level 7 and the Silver Arrow in Level 8 much like expected, which makes me wonder why I can’t cheat to get them.

Like the episode 3 ROM, Level 8 gets a bit quirky near the end. Not quite the same way, though…

“Oopsie there. Misplaced my fire.”

The triple dodongo room in level 8 has dodongos with bugged walking animations – they look like they are CONSTANTLY in pain when they move horizontally. Strangly, the triple dodongo room in level 5 did not have this problem. (Again, needs video to show)

After beating the Aquamentos again, I braced myself for the next room, which we all know has the Blue Manhandla that was bugged in the episode 3 ROM. I was expecting something similar to that, or maybe some interesting conceptual idea…

I was not quite expecting a regular Manhandla. A plain, ol’, Vanilla Manhandla.

So does that mean the next room is a plain ol’ Gohma?

Nope, it’s a blue Gohma! But… there’s just one!
Man, considering how it seemed like the earlier level 7 was designed by an utter sadist, this level 8 feels anticlimatic in comparison!

also, BREAKING: LuigiBlood has tested the music/SPC hacking. There is ONE TRACK missing….
And it’s the new track made specially for BS Zelda, which was buggy in the episode 3 dump (of what is available in ROM data only the Map 2 dump has the correct version.)


… Okay, let me just link the ROM already! I need more ROM hackers in on this.

[サテラビュー] BSゼルダの伝説 第2話 | BS Zelda (Map 1) Episode 2
ROM Download

8M Packed with “Protien.”

This one isn’t exactly a “release” per se, as it – and it’s story – are already on the Assemblergames forum thread here. But Luigiblood fixed the dump, so I had to look at it…


… okay, I’ll be fair, this demo doesn’t have much of the stuff I would find inherently bothersome about Cho Aniki, since the only two playable characters in this demo are the more bog-standard protagonist Idaten and the goofy-face Umimin. But still… it’s Cho Aniki! And it’s on Satellaview! Gahh~~

While I am not absolutely certain on broadcast date and time, comparing the header date (9/15) the the Japanese release date of the retail game (9/22/1995) suggests that this was broadcast a mere week before the retail game. Strangely, though, I do not see this referenced in the Famitsu scan schedules that were submitted to me…? Logically it’d have been on one of these pages somewhere, right?

There are two separate zip files in this zip package, which contain the respective assemblergames uploads. If you want to play this on a Satellaview emulator please use Luigiblood’s patched “Cho Aniki Satellaview.zip” ROM.

超兄貴 爆烈乱闘篇 BS版 | Chou Aniki – Bakuretsu Rantou Hen BS Ban (Satellaview)
ROM Download

Winning the war against bitrot.

So, remember the BS Zelda Map 2 dump from a bit back? The same 8M Pack dumper supplied this one!

Looks like Super Famicom Wars! There was a ROM dump of a Super Famicom Wars BS Ban prior… but this one has a totally different map!

I recall reading prior that 4 maps were put up on Satellaview. Perhaps by comparing this with the previous dump and whatever archived data is on the internet, we can restore those as well!

More info to come. (This article was rushed out due to time constraints + site technical issues)

ファミコンウォーズBS ハゴロモジマ | Super Famicom Wars BS Ban – Hagoromojima
ROM download

Hard4Games’ 8M; (Chrono) Trigger Warning

Hard4games already covered this better than I could, so this will probably just have a few extra notes:

1) This 8M has both a hiROM and loROM ROM file, demonstrating that that is indeed possible.
2) The AK Live ROM has many similarities to the previous AK Live ROM release. The main difference, obviously, is that it’s the April 28th issue rather than the May 30th one.
3) These were also basically in the same state that pack was in – both ROMs were “deleted” and set to be overwritten.
4) some additional footage;

The ZIP file here contains two files.
H4G_MPBSX.bs ; the 8M dump as it was
H4G_MPBSX_CHKFIX.bs : the header data was restored, enabling the ROMs to boot on BS-X compatible emulators (Do not try these on other emulators, you will most likely get bugged text!)

ROM download

A site plug before anything further.

While I was out not-updating-my-damned-blog, there were many others picking up my slack.

Besides the new ROM dumpers who I will mention as I distribute thier ROMs, there is one other notable person… who has a twitter and a website!

God-bird.net may sound like an avian religion, but dig a bit deeper and you will see, it’s a Japanese gaming preservation site, focused on bringing up old articles and memories!

The site has several sections for Satellaview content! And woah, some of that stuff is good! Several scans from black-and-white magazines and color magazines, with screenshots of games I hadn’t seen prior!

This is the twitter handle of the guy who runs the site.

Check that out as well. 🙂
I’ve been talking with the guy and learned a lot from it! Hopefully it will be useful in coming articles!

Ok, kept the updates waiting long enough. Let’s get the wave started.

As usual, I’ve had a long time between updates. I won’t bother making excuses this time, because I got a backlog of stuff to toss up here.

Let me start with the big one, though! … no, wait, ONE of the big ones. Yeah, we got multiple. This article has a lot of technical notes, so the ROM download link will be provided first.

BSゼルダの伝説 MAP 2 第1話 | BS Zelda no Densetsu Map 2 Dai-1-wa
ROM Download

(NOTE: The file name is as it was sent to me. Feel free to rename it to suit your DATs.)

BS Zelda Map 2, episode 1 was redumped.

For reference, the BS Zelda Homepage has had a ROM download of Map 2 up for a while which was sent to them via makuchan. However, that ROM was distributed with several hacks already applied to it, meaning it was not a good preservation ROM for a dat like No-Intro. Many years went by where this unfortunate hacked dump was the best available dump of the ROM.

Now, finally, skaman sent me this dump from sanmaiwashi. This is right from the 8M pack, and is similar enough to the previous hacked ROM that the differences can be spotted immediately. More details are in this BS Zelda Homepage forum thread.

A file comparison in Fhred:

1) 0xc670=50800 to 0xc673=50803 (4 bytes)
2) 0xc675=50805 to 0xc678=50808 (4 bytes)
3) 0xc67b=50811 to 0xc67d=50813 (3 bytes)
4) 0xc67f=50815 to 0xc67f=50815 (1 bytes)
5) 0xffd5=65493 to 0xffd8=65496 (4 bytes)
6) 0xfffc=65532 to 0xfffd=65533 (2 bytes)
7) 0x40055=262229 to 0x4005a=262234 (6 bytes)
8) 0x5bfd3=376787 to 0x5bfd4=376788 (2 bytes)
9) 0xc0b01=789249 to 0xc0b02=789250 (2 bytes)
10) 0xc0b06=789254 to 0xc0b07=789255 (2 bytes)
11) 0xc0b1c=789276 to 0xc0b1d=789277 (2 bytes)
12) 0xc0b3d=789309 to 0xc0b3e=789310 (2 bytes)
13) 0xc0b5e=789342 to 0xc0b5f=789343 (2 bytes)
14) 0xc0b79=789369 to 0xc0b7a=789370 (2 bytes)
15) 0xc0b80=789376 to 0xc0b81=789377 (2 bytes)
16) 0xc0bb5=789429 to 0xc0bb6=789430 (2 bytes)
17) 0xc0bc0=789440 to 0xc0bc1=789441 (2 bytes)
18) 0xc0bd6=789462 to 0xc0bd7=789463 (2 bytes)
19) 0xc0be6=789478 to 0xc0be7=789479 (2 bytes)
20) 0xc0bf6=789494 to 0xc0bf7=789495 (2 bytes)
21) 0xc0c06=789510 to 0xc0c07=789511 (2 bytes)
22) 0xc0c13=789523 to 0xc0c14=789524 (2 bytes)
23) 0xc0c22=789538 to 0xc0c23=789539 (2 bytes)
24) 0xc0c2e=789550 to 0xc0c2f=789551 (2 bytes)
25) 0xc0c35=789557 to 0xc0c36=789558 (2 bytes)
26) 0xc0c3d=789565 to 0xc0c3e=789566 (2 bytes)
27) 0xc0c47=789575 to 0xc0c48=789576 (2 bytes)
28) 0xc0c66=789606 to 0xc0c67=789607 (2 bytes)
29) 0xc0c70=789616 to 0xc0c71=789617 (2 bytes)
30) 0xc0c7b=789627 to 0xc0c7c=789628 (2 bytes)
31) 0xc0c8a=789642 to 0xc0c8b=789643 (2 bytes)
32) 0xc0c9d=789661 to 0xc0c9e=789662 (2 bytes)
33) 0xc0ca6=789670 to 0xc0ca7=789671 (2 bytes)
34) 0xc0cad=789677 to 0xc0cae=789678 (2 bytes)
35) 0xc0cb4=789684 to 0xc0cb5=789685 (2 bytes)
36) 0xc0cc1=789697 to 0xc0cc2=789698 (2 bytes)
37) 0xc0cd2=789714 to 0xc0cd3=789715 (2 bytes)
38) 0xc0ce6=789734 to 0xc0ce7=789735 (2 bytes)
39) 0xc0d04=789764 to 0xc0d05=789765 (2 bytes)
40) 0xc0d13=789779 to 0xc0d14=789780 (2 bytes)
41) 0xc0d1f=789791 to 0xc0d20=789792 (2 bytes)
42) 0xc0d27=789799 to 0xc0d28=789800 (2 bytes)
43) 0xc0d31=789809 to 0xc0d32=789810 (2 bytes)
44) 0xc0d3b=789819 to 0xc0d3c=789820 (2 bytes)
45) 0xc0d43=789827 to 0xc0d44=789828 (2 bytes)
46) 0xc0d50=789840 to 0xc0d51=789841 (2 bytes)
47) 0xc0d5f=789855 to 0xc0d60=789856 (2 bytes)
48) 0xc0d70=789872 to 0xc0d71=789873 (2 bytes)
49) 0xc0d81=789889 to 0xc0d82=789890 (2 bytes)
50) 0xc0d95=789909 to 0xc0d96=789910 (2 bytes)
51) 0xc0db3=789939 to 0xc0db4=789940 (2 bytes)
52) 0xc0dc2=789954 to 0xc0dc3=789955 (2 bytes)
53) 0xc0dce=789966 to 0xc0dcf=789967 (2 bytes)
54) 0xc0dd6=789974 to 0xc0dd7=789975 (2 bytes)
55) 0xc0de0=789984 to 0xc0de1=789985 (2 bytes)
56) 0xc0dea=789994 to 0xc0deb=789995 (2 bytes)
57) 0xc0df2=790002 to 0xc0df3=790003 (2 bytes)
58) 0xc0dff=790015 to 0xc0e00=790016 (2 bytes)
59) 0xc0e0e=790030 to 0xc0e0f=790031 (2 bytes)
60) 0xc0e1f=790047 to 0xc0e20=790048 (2 bytes)
61) 0xc0e28=790056 to 0xc0e29=790057 (2 bytes)
62) 0xc0e31=790065 to 0xc0e32=790066 (2 bytes)
63) 0xc0e56=790102 to 0xc0e57=790103 (2 bytes)
64) 0xc0e70=790128 to 0xc0e71=790129 (2 bytes)
65) 0xc0eb8=790200 to 0xc0eb9=790201 (2 bytes)
66) 0xc0ec6=790214 to 0xc0ec7=790215 (2 bytes)
67) 0xc0ed4=790228 to 0xc0ed5=790229 (2 bytes)
68) 0xc0ee6=790246 to 0xc0ee7=790247 (2 bytes)
69) 0xc0eea=790250 to 0xc0eeb=790251 (2 bytes)
70) 0xc0ef5=790261 to 0xc0ef6=790262 (2 bytes)
71) 0xc0ef9=790265 to 0xc0efa=790266 (2 bytes)
72) 0xc0f07=790279 to 0xc0f08=790280 (2 bytes)
73) 0xc0f1c=790300 to 0xc0f1d=790301 (2 bytes)
74) 0xc0f34=790324 to 0xc0f35=790325 (2 bytes)
75) 0xc0f4a=790346 to 0xc0f4b=790347 (2 bytes)
76) 0xc0f55=790357 to 0xc0f56=790358 (2 bytes)
77) 0xc0f6b=790379 to 0xc0f6c=790380 (2 bytes)
78) 0xc0f7b=790395 to 0xc0f7c=790396 (2 bytes)
79) 0xc0f8b=790411 to 0xc0f8c=790412 (2 bytes)
80) 0xc0f9b=790427 to 0xc0f9c=790428 (2 bytes)
81) 0xc0fa8=790440 to 0xc0fa9=790441 (2 bytes)
82) 0xc0fb7=790455 to 0xc0fb8=790456 (2 bytes)
83) 0xc0fc3=790467 to 0xc0fc4=790468 (2 bytes)
84) 0xc0fcb=790475 to 0xc0fcb=790475 (1 bytes)
85) 0xc0fd2=790482 to 0xc0fd3=790483 (2 bytes)
86) 0xc0fdd=790493 to 0xc0fdd=790493 (1 bytes)
87) 0xc0fe4=790500 to 0xc0fe5=790501 (2 bytes)
88) 0xc0fee=790510 to 0xc0fef=790511 (2 bytes)
89) 0xc0ff9=790521 to 0xc0ffa=790522 (2 bytes)
90) 0xc1008=790536 to 0xc1009=790537 (2 bytes)
91) 0xc2df4=798196 to 0xc2df5=798197 (2 bytes)

Con’s notes about what was changed in the “hacked” ROM:

Most addresses of our “impure rom” simply rewrites bs-x bios registers so that the emulator is able to boot is, like LDA $115808 -> LDA $701808. Your rom crashes on normal emulators, as these bs-x registers (bank $11) are not remapped to bank $70 (sram register).

Other changes:
a9 12 8f f9ff 7f a9 07 8f ff ff 7f… changes the timer to 18:07 so that the game doesn’t freeze immediately.

Then I found a small change in the ingame header
guess this implements a srm.

Happy Bustday to ‘View

I don’t have a strong “Satellaview Birthday” celebration post, but I got a ROM release, thanks to crediar (and ChronoMoogle putting the pressure on me to update here, rather than my Youtube. Hah~!)

Take a look at some of the things referenced here. FFVII? F-Zero X? THE SEGA PICO?

EDIT: Bluesun has given this a glance! Some notes:

[11:36 AM] bluesun: Right from the start it seems interesting(edited)
[11:36 AM] bluesun: As far as I know there was never a N64 <-> GB cable released, was there?
[11:39 AM] Kiddo: Well
[11:39 AM] Kiddo: There WAS the transfer Pak, designed specifically for Pokemon Stadium
[11:39 AM] Kiddo: And only compatible with that and a few other games IIRC
[11:40 AM] bluesun: First interview is about making a card game for the N64, that would use a connected game boy for each player to show each player’s hand in private
[11:40 AM] bluesun: Something like Four Swords Adventures
[11:41 AM] Kiddo: They were thinking of something like the GBA Adapters that far in…!
[11:42 AM] Kiddo: The most likely card game candidate would be Pokemon Card Game GB

[11:44 AM] bluesun: F-Zero article: F-Zero X release date announced!

[11:47 AM] bluesun: The HMD is an advert for Sony’s Glasstron https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glasstron

[11:50 AM] bluesun: Third news is about Sega opening a Pico theme park in Vietnam, “Sega World Of Hanoi”
[11:50 AM] Kiddo: Wait
[11:50 AM] Kiddo: Sega pico
[11:50 AM] Kiddo: THEME PARK?
[11:51 AM] bluesun: expecting 300 thousand visitors in the first year, the staff are being thoroughly trained on how to introduce the controls to people seeing a video game for their very first time

[11:53 AM] bluesun: Fourth news is clickbaity, ‘Will Astro Boy really be born in 2003?’, and is about a Tezuka Osamu World park that’s going to be built ready for 2003

[11:57 AM] bluesun: The woman with the gun is the magazine’s new addition to the editing team, Isobe. “She can sing, dance, and draw art!”

The recording was done in SNES9XPP XE, BTW. Haven’t had too much time to actually check the dump status, but Busters magazines aren’t usually bad per se. The ROM was provided to me in .BIN format, but a simple file format change should make this runnable on the more expected SNES emulators.

Digital Magazine Busters BS 6/7:
Original Link
Satellablog mirror.