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Satellaview World Character Highlight: The King of Subcon and The Commander.

So, here’s an idea for a set of articles… talking about some of the characters made specifically for Satellaview games. How will that work? Using what little I know, really. Hur.

Yes, it’s an excuse to pad for posts, but hopefully it’s a good, informative one.

This time I’m gonna write what little I can understand of The King of Subcon from “BS Super Mario USA” as well as his tag-along pairing, the Commander.

I’m also gonna cheat a bit, because I got some help on this.
also here.

Anyhow, BS Super Mario USA is, to the best of anyone’s knowledge (There might still be some really old promotional material for the Famicom version that might’ve been lost?), the only appearance of the King of Subcon and the Commander.

From what I can tell of what’s been translated for BS Super Mario USA, he seems mostly archtypical besides the usual Mario gameplay gimmicks. Sure, he and the Commander give powerups and whatnot, but for the most part it seems to be an excuse to have more seiyuu on a project. Or to be exposition characters.

However, there is one thing in particular that kinda makes me wonder…

… “The King’s Casino”. I mean, wow.
What kind of King just… publicly runs a casino? I can only assume that deep down, the ethical values of Subcon are really, really screwed up. Perhaps that may explain Birdo’s, um, nature…

… This could probably use some improvement, huh? Anyhow, I hope I can get more Soundlink archives for BS Super Mario USA sometime.

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