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ROM Tease + A bit of “Twilight Street Kids” info.

I wanted to do another teaser for a future ROM release, but unfortunately I’m having problems taking decent screenshots of the ROM I’m referring to in question. (Emulation issues, basically!)

I do, however, have an alternate, slightly more vague thing to show. A site article that’s related to what I got in question.

The site is here.

See that thing that looks like a box of crayons? Although I’m not entirely sure what it is, according to bluesun it’s “Yuki no Su”, a prize given by St.GIGA for… the ROM I haven’t released yet… eh-hem! Which is tied into the radio show “Yuki Uchida no Yuugure Street Kids”

That radio show? Um… well… I posted about it here initially, but that url is borked now, ain’t it…? Oh dear, the NicoNicoDouga link is dead, too!

Let me do a quick fix on that…

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