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New ROM Dump, but I don’t know Wai I’m releasing these now.

Oh dear, this is the most successive punning I’ve done on the blog yet…. er, eh-hem!

This article features the release of a 8M Pack dump ROM with 2 games. Before I hand it over, though, I’m gonna link some of the related articles, or at least alleged relations, in some cases.

Starting with this one. This is probably the biggie. One ROM is directly connected with Yuki Uchida and her radio programming.

Meanwhile, according to bluesun’s translations of Satellaview history museum, the other ROM is tied in to the “Waiwai de Q” series.

However, either way, they are both fairly similar games, using the same game engine, developed by Hori. Yes, the same Hori that keeps making arcade joysticks.

Not that this is a tourney fighter or anything… these two games are essentially your Sunday Newspaper “Spot the difference” challenges made into videogames.

The first ROM, well, technically it has a long title on the title screen, but to cut short it’s a rerun (“Saihoushou” in the header, like the BS Tantei Club ROMs) of a March 21st edition of “Waiwai Check”. Now, there’s a few ROMs labeled “Waiwai Check” back on GoodSNES, but those don’t work on anything. This, however, works pretty well on bsnes or snes9x-sx2. I think I need to investigate a ROM dumper here…

From what bluesun’s translated, “Waiwai Check” apparently ties into earlier “Waiwai de Q” episodes somehow. How confusing.

Many english Satellaview information sites wrote off “Waiwai Check” as a magazine (And with it’s small filesize and dated instalments, that was a reasonable guess), but it appears this may need to be corrected.

The second one is a March 16th edition of “Yuki no Waiwai Kids”. As you might see, it’s very similar to Waiwai Check, but instead of the more casual nature of Check, you have a very difficult VS. CPU game where Yuki Uchida (Er, or an AI representing her, yeah) cheats and steals her way into totally creaming you. If you managed to best Yuki back when the service was alive, you would be eligible to win “Yuki no Su”, which, based on the Japanese blog page from the earlier article, isn’t really much more than a box of crayons. Yeesh.

The game ran alongside the “Twilight Street Kids” radio show, and was designed to be played along with the audio, but it also has it’s own SPC music.

According to bluesun, the wording of various articles related to Waiwai Kids gave the impression that Yuki’s real-life self was controlling her in-game actions. However, a quick run in bsnes or snes9x-sx2 should prove otherwise. This may have been a source of so much confusion over whether or not the Satellaview had proper netplay capability.

By the way, to start gameplay proper; at the screen where Yuki’s on the skateboard, you hit L+R+START. Strange, isn’t it?

Waiwai Check 3/21 | わいわいチェック 3/21
+ Yuki no Waiwai Kids 3/16 Ban | 有紀のワイワイKIDS 3/16
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  1. If I recall right there’s an application on Zophar’s domain for extracting the sound samples of a SNES ROM and making them WAVs. You might want to look that up.

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