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Yuki Ichida’s Satellaview radio show

The Satellaview’s programming consisted of a strange mixture of J-Pop and videogame-genre content.
Here’s an example of the J-Pop stuff.

Yes, it’s not much more than J-Pop music, but it’s a neat listen into what was popular at the time the Satellaview was around, and what kind of audience was expected to shell out the cash for it. Besides, listening to this while doing mood-clashing things in the BS-X World would be entertaining, no?

If you haven’t already figured it out by how many times her name is plastered on the video, the J-Pop celeb on here is “Yuki Uchida”.

It seems to have played alongside of “放課後の王様”

Original NicoNicoDouga link:
内田有紀 夕暮れストリートキッズ SIDE B 96/05/04?

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