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Confusion – Live Broadcast BS F-Zero 2.

Anyway, I’m sure a few of you have heard of “BS F-Zero 2”. It was a Satellaview download, was it?… well, actually, it seems to also be multiple Satellaview Downloads… or something.

This actually confused me for a while – still does, honestly. There’s no ROM dumps of the Soundlink versions, and it seems most of the internet forgot about it’s existence. But then these vids got uploaded on NicoNicoDouga…

After an introduction to the hosts of the program, you get to practice, and then race, on “Forest 1”. Wait, what’s Forest 1? This track is not in any other game that I recall! And… there’s no healing panels? Crazy! Imagine that in F-Zero X or GX!

As for the voices – it sounds more podcast-like than the Audio Dramas that many of the other games consist of.

And the music… what? “Highway Star”? The music played is the kind of stuff that people now try to S-Rank in Rock Band! In a way, fitting… but not expected.

One more video…

Unfortunately, so far only this one week is up. I’d love to see week 2. (Looking up old JP sites describe a “METAL FORT” track… could that be what week 2 has?)

Original NicoNicoDouga vids:
BS F-ZEROグランプリ2 第1週 part1
BS F-ZEROグランプリ2 第1週 part2
BS F-ZEROグランプリ2 第1週 part3
BS F-ZEROグランプリ2 第1週 part4

If anyone can get some more info on this for me, feel free to leave a message.

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  1. Adding another post to clarify some more. I really want the confusion over the F-Zero releases figured out eventually, so I’ll supply whatever information I can.

    On NicoNicoDouga the videos that match the ROMs going around are merely called BS F-ZEROグランプリ

    The videos shown here, that do not match any known ROM dump, is called
    BS F-ZEROグランプリ2

    And as for the “Download” ROM called “BS F-Zero 2”, some JP sites identify it as BS F- ZERO2プラクティス but I am uncertain of how reliable that is.

    I’ll put the BS F-ZEROグランプリ videos on my blog shortly now that this issue has come up again. It will show how they have a different format, which goes as such:

    BS F-ZERO:
    – Robot
    – Title Screen
    – Car info
    – Practice 4 Courses
    – Grand Prix 4 Courses
    – Grand Prix “Bonus” Course.

    compared with BS F-Zero 2’s:
    – Pictures of the cast members
    – Weird pictures
    – Title Screen
    – Alternate between Practice and Grand Prix for the courses.

    Also, the musical choices are different – BS F-Zero 1 uses mostly arranged/synthesized F-Zero music, while BS F-Zero 2 uses commercially licensed American Rock music. Again, I’ll put up the BS F-Zero 1 vids to help show…

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