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Does anyone else want to help sort through these ASCII Data Packs?

So, a couple days ago I, after a few technical issues, managed to up a few videos to Youtube. To be specific, videos of myself combing through various pieces of “RPG Tsukuru 2 Data”.


Are the ones I’ve tried so far. They’re from the ROM batch available in this blog post.

I hope to, eventually, be able to comb through and properly check the nature of each and every Data Pack data. Unfortunately a few things are in the way of that.

1) There may or may not be RPG Tsukuru 2 Data Pack data that may have been dumped that I’m not familiar with, especially if they were dumped prior to 2008.
2) Many of the dumps (Especially the ones Callis split) appear to still not work.
3) In retrospect, I did a… kinda not-so-good (to put it mildly) job at getting the Data Packs organized. This is mostly because I wasn’t really as interested in this content as having actual Satellaview data, but factors such as finding Ryouba de Yuku data lend a bit of ambiguity to this, and it’s theoretically possible I neglected a possibly good piece of data, which is why I’ve gone back to run this check.

Therefore, I’d like to ask for help on this. Mostly with making sure I have all the ROMs, and maybe with making sure I’m getting stuff emulated right. If anyone wants to assist with that feel free to comment on this article.

What might also be helpful is getting these to load in an emulator that makes for easier recording, but from what I heard LuigiBlood’s working on implementing his bsnes-sx improvements on a fork of SNES9X, and this would probably do the job well.

I hope to do this one game at a time for the data packs for all the ASCII games.

More teasering; These ROMs will come sooner or later, I swear!

So I finally managed to make something resembling a decent recording of the ROM dumps I plan to release, um, when I feel like it. (Translation: The next time I suddenly realize the blog hasn’t been updated in a month.)

I borrowed someone else’s computer for this, durr. >_>

Anyhow, enjoy the videos. And check out the Youtube descriptions for a bit more info.

As for why these were so difficult to record to begin with? These pretty much only run on BSNES-based emulators, and I used LuigiBlood’s bsnes-sx in particular, which requires more than my old Windows XP Clunker Desktop can handle.

“Boy, this is really expensive” – Stuff I’ll probably never manage to get.

So, earlier today I was out-bid on yet another auction. What was it this time?

A set of BS F-Zero booklet and winning certificate papers, with a Bucky Koba autograph. Sold for 21,000円 yen.

It seems like it’d be a pretty awesome collector’s piece to get. Hopefully whoever has won it will take good care of it and is willing to share it’s contents.

One other highly expensive item I’ve seen…. been up for months, in fact, on Rakuten.

Konae-chan calling card on Rakuten Auctions, listed as going for 220,000円 yen and not yet budging in price.

Also, pretty much any Satellaview Tsushin magazine, such as this one.They all tend to start out at over 10,000円 yen pr above and rarely drop below 7,000円 yen. The last time a whole lot of magazines appeared the price went up over 30,000円 yen easy.

There’s bound to be a lot more unique items that can go for prices such as these, as well. Archiving the info is tough…