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Want a BS Zelda Repro cart? Request a Mottzilla-approved edition.

Let me post this here so I don’t forget:

If you want to grab a BS Zelda Reproduction cartridge, contact DXTaco at the BS Zelda forums.

DXTaco is currently the only repro-cart producer Mottzilla has approved for using the “BS Zelda Map 1 & 2” Mottzilla Patch.

As I’ve previously talked about in other blog articles, the Mottzilla patch is one of the best and most accomplished BS Zelda hacking projects.

* Both “Map 1” and “Map 2” are fully playable in one compilation.
* 3 Playable characters means you can choose all the popular options – including Link! – without needing a separate patch.
* Fully-working Save game code, with a new save menu that takes inspiration from the classic NES Zelda without enslaving itself to it.
* Gameplay similar to the Satellaview experience – with options to speed things up for the impatient.
* Bug-tested by, among a few others, your’s truly at Satellablog. 🙂

Other BS Zelda cartridges which have been sold prior to this aren’t guaranteed to even be nearly as functional – or fun! – as this. Don’t spend $150 or over on eBay!

… Anyway, enough me-sounding-like-an-advertisement.

I may consider buying one myself sometime… Even though I have a sd2snes, and thus really don’t need it… :<

“Classic Kong” quickly converted to Satellaview homebrew.

I suppose now I’ll make it obvious that I check out NES World every now and then, because just an hour ago I read today’s 2:41 AM update, releasing the new version of “Classic Kong”.

I’d post a video up to show it, but all the videos on Youtube currently are of the old version! This newer one is more polished and has the Pie Factory. It makes me a happy little(?) monkey indeed.

.. Eh, I’ll post a vid up anyway. I like showing videos on my blog.

Read More…Read More…

Please warn me is stuff is breaking.

I don’t really know if anyone’s noticed, but lately I’ve been trying to fiddle really hard with the blog’s physical appearance.

You can probably see this mostly in the sidebar, as I’ve added some new options and pages and shuffled a couple things around.

I’ve also added advertisements, which will probably annoy a good amount of my visitors, so I’ll be generous and remind you all that AdBlock is probably the greatest internet invention since

However, I noticed as I was doing this that on certain pages, the physical appearance of the blog would break down seemingly unfathomably. I’ve been trying to resolve these, but it’s possible I’m missing some things or missing some details.

Therefore, if anyone wants to let me know if a website portion somehow broke, feel free to either comment on this post or to use the newly-introduced Contact Form on the sidebar.

I’ve also been thinking of re-doing the physical appearance of the blog entirely someday; currently I’ve got a barely-edited WordPress “Almost-Spring” theme that isn’t really what I’d consider the optimum appearance for Satellablog. However, it’s easy to look at and configurable, so it’s kinda stuck.

What I’d like some day is to have the appearance of the site actually look like something heavily associated with the Satellaview, like the BS-X town or BIOs menus, except.. y’know, in a form that has less “90’s web design” and is easy on the eyes for readers.

Maybe someday that’ll come down the line. Whee.

Unrelated Project: Sega Pico blog.

So, after doing a good amount of work on researching and helping to get ROMs for the Sega Pico, I think it’s time I started making a blog for it like Satelablog. (It’s not like all that stuff belongs on here, anyhow.)

Here’s the blog in question, obviously still a work-in-progress.
If you’re gonna ask why it’s on blogspot like the old Satellablog was, I’ll just say “I don’t have a pico.org/blog domain, do I?” 😛

Hopefully you Satellablog readers will be willing to contribute to it! Thanks in advance! 🙂