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BS Zelda Mottzilla Patch now v.90

Mottzilla has done another update to the BS Zelda Mottzilla Patch. . No new screenshots because the changes are not necessarily feature-oriented this time. Again, more bugfixes than additions, but in terms of the English translation there is now a version with HUD graphic translations (similar to the ones in Restoration and TQ/FQ project), and […]

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Want a BS Zelda Repro cart? Request a Mottzilla-approved edition.

Let me post this here so I don’t forget: If you want to grab a BS Zelda Reproduction cartridge, contact DXTaco at the BS Zelda forums. DXTaco is currently the only repro-cart producer Mottzilla has approved for using the “BS Zelda Map 1 & 2” Mottzilla Patch. As I’ve previously talked about in other blog […]

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Zelda fans, The New “Mottzilla BSZ-Lite Hack” is a must-download.

It’s been a long time since there was a major update in terms of BS Zelda ROM hacking, but over the past few weeks Mottzilla – with the help of my bugtesting abilities – has come out with a highly impressive new version of his “BSZ-Lite”, a BS Zelda hack tailored to those who want […]

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On the ethics of profitting off of Satellaview ROM hack repro carts.

Lately, there has been a surge of BS Zelda (and a Radical Dreamers) repro carts appearing on eBay. This is in spite of the fact that Mottzilla earlier set up an officially endorsed repro cart seller specifically to attempt to avoid this circumstance. This auction, for example, is just the latest in the string. I […]

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BSZ-Lite Update: Now with English translation!

I’ve just finished testing up a newer build of Mottzilla’s BS Zelda Lite patch. This version is meant to fix a saving glitch. It also has Duke Serkol’s fan translation applied to it! Download it here! Those who might be popping in for the first time wondering what the news with Mottzilla’s new BSZ-Lite is […]

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