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BS Zelda Mottzilla Patch now v.90

Mottzilla has done another update to the BS Zelda Mottzilla Patch.
No new screenshots because the changes are not necessarily feature-oriented this time.
Again, more bugfixes than additions, but in terms of the English translation there is now a version with HUD graphic translations (similar to the ones in Restoration and TQ/FQ project), and there’s only one small bug left in the game.

The file distribution includes both pre-patched ROMs and IPS patches for playing the game either with a translation, or the original Japanese in-game text. You can check it out by clicking the Megupload link down the thread.

But if you don’t like Megaupload, don’t panic! I’ve mirrored it here, and it should also be on the BS Zelda Homepage very shortly!

BS Zelda Mottzilla Patch v.90
DOWNLOAD (patches + pre-patched, both JP and EN)

As usual, my recommendation is to run this on your SNES Powerpak, SFC Neo Myth Cartridge, or the upcoming sd2snes.
The game will also run on the latest SNES9X and BSNES versions.

Anyhow, besides the score tally and perhaps some nitpicky aspects of Satellaview broadcast accuracy, one feature I’d like to see in a future BS Zelda hack is implementation of the classic NES/FDS Map 1 and Map 2… Ah, a boy can dream, can’t he?

5 thoughts on BS Zelda Mottzilla Patch now v.90

  1. Only now it’d need to be a v.92 mirror.

    I’ll probably get to it once I do a few errands – some stuff for Sekiban still needs testing. I’m also waiting on certain magazine scans…

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