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BS New Years Resolutions:

Happy New Year! Assuming 2012 is not the dreaded prophetic end of the world, here’s my pie-in-the-sky hopes for Satellaview finds!

Undumped ROMs I want to prioritize somehow (As unlikely as that may be):
– The rest of BS Bokujo Monogatari
– The rest of BS Fuurai no Shiren – Surara wo Sukue
– both BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 episodes
– The rest of BS Monopoly
– The rest of BS Super Mario Collection
– Any Bombliss Cup
– Any BS Simcity
– Any Satella-Q
– Any BS Zelda Map 2 Good ROM Dump.
– Rest of the Satella-shooting Trilogy
– Rest of Kirby no Omachabako
– Rest of Kouryaku Casino Bar
– Rest of RPG Tsukuru SUPER DANTE standalone RPG games.
– Pikopiko Pairetsu
– Wario no Mori Bakusho ban

For more info about undumped Satellaview ROMs, I maintain this list on the No-Intro forums!

Other things;
– Get more Satellaview documents! Satellaview Tsushin magazines, Famitsus, or high-quality scans of that new Hyrule Historia would be of interest.
– Get more Satellaview radio shows!
– Find clean Soundlink game audio!
– Assist in ROM Hacking projects and BS-X Project!
– Translate something on par with bluesun!
– Figure out how to resolve what to do about missing pieces of the Sutte Hakkun LPs for ChronoMoogle 🙁
– Find deleted NicoNicoDouga videos for “BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2” and “R no Shosai”!
– Make the Satellaview popular!
– Revive the Satellaview!
– ?????
– Profit!
– Have Nintendo acknowledge the Satellaview internationally!
– Get them to release Fire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo in America already!
– Get soundlink stuff on the Virtual Console!
– Get soundlink stuff on a standard Super Famicom cartridge!
– Think of something even more far-fetched and unlikely as those last few examples!
– Rage when I realize New Years Resolutions aren’t all fulfilled.