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Buried in the depths of the ROMs: Satellaview music

As ROMs have been being dumped, so have their music contents been ripped into small and easy-to-store SPC forms, thanks to nensondubois over at snesmusic.org.

He’s ripped a lot of SPCs from the Satellaview magazines in the past few months, which I didn’t think was a very bright idea at first, quite honestly.

Silly me, I should’ve suspected they’d have a buncha unused sound effects and music, but, hey, sometimes being proven wrong actually feels good!

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Watch out for potential YJA scammers! (False ID’d 8M packs)

This is a heads-up to people willing to risk money on 8M Packs on YJA. Matthew Callis (and I by association) ended up falling for a misleading YJA Item.

It was an 8M Pack with a sticker saying “RADICAL DREAMERS” written on the back. While the seller stressed the cart wasn’t tested, we at least assumed that, if it had it written, then there must be some history of the game being on the cart, even if it was overwritten, no? And no one would’ve overwritten the data for a rare game like RD with some measly ASCII data….

Here is the auction in question. Strangely enough, the pictures are gone, though the descriptions are still up.

Callis got the cart just today, and told me it had a measly Kanaderu data.
Now, it’d have been easy to assume that for some audacious reason some fool decided to overwrite Radical Dreamers, but the thing that made this particularly seem like a scam was this; The ROM dump of the 8M Pack showed no trace that there was even any data besides Kanaderu written on it in the first place.
All the other banks were FF. No sign of writing!
If Radical Dreamers was deleted off the pack, there’d have been data from it remaining… but it appeared -there was none to begin with-.
Someone slapped a Radical Dreamers sticker on an 8M Pack falsely to get it to sell for a large amount of money.

It’d be difficult to figure out whether the seller was behind this, a fellow victim, or simply a proxy-esque middleman.

The unfortunate side of this is that we probably wouldn’t have minded if it wasn’t Radical Dreamers, if it had any new ROM data whatsoever… I would’ve been happy if it was Pikopiko Pairetsu or Wario no Mori Bakusho ban, y’know? And when it comes to 8M Packs where the data isn’t known, we have to make a gamble like this in order to have any chance of obtaining the missing Soundlink titles…

The life of a Satellaview archivist is tough.

BS Zelda Mottzilla Patch now v.90

Mottzilla has done another update to the BS Zelda Mottzilla Patch.
No new screenshots because the changes are not necessarily feature-oriented this time.
Again, more bugfixes than additions, but in terms of the English translation there is now a version with HUD graphic translations (similar to the ones in Restoration and TQ/FQ project), and there’s only one small bug left in the game.

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BS New Years Resolutions:

Happy New Year! Assuming 2012 is not the dreaded prophetic end of the world, here’s my pie-in-the-sky hopes for Satellaview finds!

Undumped ROMs I want to prioritize somehow (As unlikely as that may be):
– The rest of BS Bokujo Monogatari
– The rest of BS Fuurai no Shiren – Surara wo Sukue
– both BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 episodes
– The rest of BS Monopoly
– The rest of BS Super Mario Collection
– Any Bombliss Cup
– Any BS Simcity
– Any Satella-Q
– Any BS Zelda Map 2 Good ROM Dump.
– Rest of the Satella-shooting Trilogy
– Rest of Kirby no Omachabako
– Rest of Kouryaku Casino Bar
– Rest of RPG Tsukuru SUPER DANTE standalone RPG games.
– Pikopiko Pairetsu
– Wario no Mori Bakusho ban

For more info about undumped Satellaview ROMs, I maintain this list on the No-Intro forums!

Other things;
– Get more Satellaview documents! Satellaview Tsushin magazines, Famitsus, or high-quality scans of that new Hyrule Historia would be of interest.
– Get more Satellaview radio shows!
– Find clean Soundlink game audio!
– Assist in ROM Hacking projects and BS-X Project!
– Translate something on par with bluesun!
– Figure out how to resolve what to do about missing pieces of the Sutte Hakkun LPs for ChronoMoogle 🙁
– Find deleted NicoNicoDouga videos for “BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2” and “R no Shosai”!
– Make the Satellaview popular!
– Revive the Satellaview!
– ?????
– Profit!
– Have Nintendo acknowledge the Satellaview internationally!
– Get them to release Fire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo in America already!
– Get soundlink stuff on the Virtual Console!
– Get soundlink stuff on a standard Super Famicom cartridge!
– Think of something even more far-fetched and unlikely as those last few examples!
– Rage when I realize New Years Resolutions aren’t all fulfilled.