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Buried in the depths of the ROMs: Satellaview music

As ROMs have been being dumped, so have their music contents been ripped into small and easy-to-store SPC forms, thanks to nensondubois over at snesmusic.org.

He’s ripped a lot of SPCs from the Satellaview magazines in the past few months, which I didn’t think was a very bright idea at first, quite honestly.

Silly me, I should’ve suspected they’d have a buncha unused sound effects and music, but, hey, sometimes being proven wrong actually feels good!

Let’s take a listen to this one!

… hey, doesn’t that sound familiar?
Nah, maybe I’m just imagining things…

How about this one?

… ok, I’m done playing dumb. These sound like jingles from Mario Bros.

I wonder if Nintendo ever planned to port that to the Satellaview as standalone…? hrmmm….

The peculiar thing about those two jingles is that they’re in a lot of the magazines.

Here’s an unused song that was found in the recent “Gal Kan Bazooka” dump.

… Ouch.
.. Let’s backpedal a bit.


Hey, this -also- sounds like certain Mario music. Interesting. Perhaps the folks at SMWC might like this.

One more for the time being. This was ripped from the “SatesupoDX” ROM…

Aw… is this?…. I’m… I’m tearing up inside…

Yep, we found this music piece. :< (the other song is actually used in the Satesupo ROM, BTW.) And now to finish off this post, here's where you can download the SPC sets.. Gekkan Coin Toss Deck
Dan Dan Conveyor Belt – Milk no Maki
Pokekame Magazine
Columbus no Tamagoyaki
Cheap de Gorgeous
Gal Kan Bazooka Dai-5-kan
SatesupoDX Dai-4-gou

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