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On NicoNicoDouga: Another Sutte Hakkun BS LP.

Before I pop this up, I realize I forgot to mention that ChronoMoogle also gets thanks for the Dokapon ROM in the previous update. Oopsie!

Hopefully this will make up for that. He’s been wanting to see playthroughs of the Satellaview-specific Sutte Hakkun versions, and earlier one for 98 Winter Event Version came up.
Now, that one has been followed up with “BS Version 2”!

Like before, I’ll post a NicoNico.com link for the first portion. I’m downloading these as we speak. Perhaps sometime I’ll mirror them up.

8 thoughts on On NicoNicoDouga: Another Sutte Hakkun BS LP.

  1. It seems rather unusual. NND videos do not typically get deleted that abruptly.

    It seems the person’s user account may have been banned and his videos wiped completely.

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