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New ROM Dumps: Would you believe this first one eluded me three times?

Alright, a new ROM batch!

So, here’s a bit of personal Satellaview collecting story for you.

Three times prior, a 8M Pack described as having the game “Lemmings” appeared on Yahoo Japan Auctions. Three times, I noticed and tried to obtain it. And three times, I failed!

… thankfully, it appears that third one must have gotten to ikari somehow!

Now, mind, since it appeared on YJA that many times it can’t necessarily be that rare, and it’s not like it’s likely that different from retail, but man, there’s just something to feel happy about when finally grabbing something that just loved to tease you with it’s presence.

For anyone unfamiliar, Lemmings practically started a whole genre involving trying to indirectly control a bunch of stupid and borderline suicidal auto-moving characters to reach a specific objective without dying in a gruesome and embarrassing manner. Therefore at least one version is generally considered one of those “required plays”. You’ll probably take a PC or Mac version over the SNES one, though.

As for the Satellaview ROM, it’s… Very, very English! I’d swear that they just tossed the US version of the game up on there!

Lemmings (BS) | レミングス (BS)
ROM Download

Okie dokie! Next up is… hmm!
“Kessen! Dokapon Oukoku IV”…

I am actually not too familiar with the “Dokapon” franchise, so I tried looking up some info on this.
I suppose you’re best looking up Dokapon Kingdom to have a general sense of this.
Weirdly enough, in spite of having the “IV” in the title this seems to be the earliest entry Wikipedia can obtain info on. Can anyone at Hardcoregaming101 help here?

Anyway, this Dokapon takes the gameplay of a party board game and mixes it up with a classic JRPG.
You roll dice, land on tiles, fight monsters, get items, and use against – against the other players. Presumably like any other party game, you win the game by doing better than your enemies.

This game was released in retail – I don’t suspect any differences between that and this Satellaview dump.

A Satellaview dump of a different Dokapon game, “Dokapon Gaiden: Honoo no Audition” also appears to be circulating around. Maybe I should play that sometime…

Kessen! Dokapon Oukoku IV – Densetsu no Yuusha-tachi (BS) | 決戦!ドカポン王国IV 〜伝説の勇者たち〜 (BS)
ROM Download

Anddd a magazine!

Maria. Not “Mario”. Maria.

… huh.

The header sets this as “Part1” out of some… total amount of these.

… yeah, I’m terrible at this! bluesun, help me!

[This ROM] seems to be a blog by Kawamura Maria, a VA from Shoujo Kakumei Utena.

… Well that’s interesting! Maybe someday I’ll toss Satellablog on one of these ROMs!

The blog has a lot of pictures, too! In this one, the way the SNES’s limited palette messes with the colors makes it difficult to tell if this guy is actually Caucasian, or just has dyed blond hair!

And this one is… ohhh, are they actually at a Satellaview recording studio here? This looks kind of like that picture d4s found! Except not exactly.

MARIA Part1 (BS)
ROM Download

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