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ROM Dumps from around… places.

Some new 8M Pack dumps today. These aren’t too major in terms of data (I’ll probably be looking for the remaining BS Super Mario Collection portions perpetually…)
But, their notable significance is that these were people-sent contributions, rather than the usual “paid out of pocket” type deal.
Regardless of the quality of these dumps, we appreciate the effort that is taken to obtain them and send them to the blog.

I’ll start with one I purchased myself, yet again! This time it’s Sonic Blastman.

Superfamicom.org info
Sonic Blastman(BS)
ROM download

No pictures, because I’m lazy. Anyone who played the game knows how it looks like anyway, as it’s identical to the JP cart version. On a rather quasi-humorous note, I actually correctly guessed the checksum and inverse checksum that would be in this ROM’s header before it was actually dumped. Kinda scary, huh?

Table Game Daisyugo Superfamicom.org info.

Callis labeled this one as the pack sent by Chrono Moogle, so you can thank him for this one. He posts in the comments here now and then.
More Asian Table Games. With just how many there are for the Satellaview, these can be rather annoying at times. They’re like the Dial-up internet Pop-up ads of the Satellaview. Raarr!…. Excuse my moping there. I just realized I never finished dumping those SPCs for “Super Mahjong Taikai”…. ….. Ohhh, my life is cruel.
(NOTE: No offense is meant to the contributors for any moment when I writhe in agony from Mahjong Overdose.)

Table Game Daisyugo (BS) | テーブルゲーム大集合!! (BS)

And finally, a redump Callis labeled “from sweden”. Who from Sweden? Um…. anyway;

Shanghai – Banri no Choujou (BS) (redump)
上海 万里の長城 (BS)

This game was dumped as a Satellaview 8M Pack before, and this redump does not seem much different in my short testing of it.

If anyone else wants to contribute (money or 8M Packs) to Satellablog, please sent stuff to Matthew Callis (Or use the donate button if you want it directed at me specifically.)
As I’ve said before, all is appreciated. Yeah, even if it is Mahjong, in spite of my whining about it.

… inb4 I get sent like 5000 more Mahjong games.

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  1. That’s strange. I actually checked on your cart a few weeks ago and he told me that it was shipped.

    I’d suggest having a bit of patience. I’ve waited months for mail to arrive before.

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