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Refresher: Soundlink Vs. SPC (also, an excuse to post more NND videos.)

As I’ve been talking to Luigiblood, I’ve come upon the realization that folks don’t always tend to dig through the backlog of the blog…. perhaps I should mirror some of the things in a less blog-like form, for easier viewing. It might also help with organization, since the blog usually comes in a “as I figure it out” chronology.

In the meantime, though, some filler; a little reminder of how Soundlink should, well, “sound”… compared to the SNES’s standard SPC.

Well, actually, I just like mirroring up NicoNicoDouga uploads. But these should be educational, anyhow. Note to people who check the blog regularly: expect rehashville.

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Just a bit of advertising for a friend…

Luigiblood has started up a site for a new project he is working on.
Besides the name “Broadcast Satellaview” being questionable, the prospects of the project sound very interesting. I’m really hoping it gets somewhere.
For reference, Luigiblood was the guy who previously made a Satellaview “Hello World!” Homebrew, so he’s not just throwing stuff up out of no-where’s land.

A link to his project will also be in with the other links, since this won’t be on the front page forever…

Taking another look at Bass Tsuri No. 1.

Looks like it’s time to go fishing again!

Excuse that fit of boredom. That isn’t necessarily my best Mario impersonation anyhow – But, yes! More Bass Tsuri videos! .. And maybe more Mario impersonating!


【字幕実況】糸井重里のバス釣りNo.1を釣り好きがプレイ part5
【字幕実況】糸井重里のバス釣りNo.1を釣り好きがプレイ part6
【字幕実況】糸井重里のバス釣りNo.1を釣り好きがプレイ part7
【字幕実況】糸井重里のバス釣りNo.1を釣り好きがプレイ part8

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A Side-note On Rarity/Non-Rarity; Yoshi’s all over the place.

Normally I focus the blog on the rare and obscure within the scope of the Satellaview, but I guess it didn’t dawn on me to post on the blog yet about what might be, well, not-so-rare.

Figuring out the exact rarity of Satellaview data is probably a daunting, perpetually-ongoing and perhaps not-truly-possible task, and info on such can change on the fly, but, as for right now…?

Yoshi no Panepon is currently all over the place on Yahoo Japan Auctions. Although with prices ranging from 7,000 to 10,000 yen, the quantity of Yoshi no Panepon on YJA both currently and in the past gives me the impression that it’s one of the most common Satellaview gets available.

Just take a look at some of the auctions;

Yoshi no Panepon with a 9,800 yen BIN, ending soon.

Yoshi no Panepon in a 8M Memory Pack box for an 8,000 yen BIN.

Yoshi no Panepon with a 6,300 Yen BIN

Callis himself has redumped Yoshi no Panepon various times. On top of that, the game has appeared on eBay frequently, including this auction.

Combined with the apparent lack of DRM the game has, it seems Yoshi no Panepon is one of the most common, non-rare games that has survived in the post-Satellaview era. Of course, this begs the question, why is there so much of this single title? It doesn’t seem like any other Memory Pack game has quite the level of “common” – I haven’t even seen quite as many auctions for Dr. Mario…

Is Yoshi no Panepon still worth it’s cost? Of course, I guess I can’t really say since I’m not much knowledgeable in how collector’s think…. Perhaps they even realized this before I did. Who knows?