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Taking another look at Bass Tsuri No. 1.

Looks like it’s time to go fishing again!

Excuse that fit of boredom. That isn’t necessarily my best Mario impersonation anyhow – But, yes! More Bass Tsuri videos! .. And maybe more Mario impersonating!


【字幕実況】糸井重里のバス釣りNo.1を釣り好きがプレイ part5
【字幕実況】糸井重里のバス釣りNo.1を釣り好きがプレイ part6
【字幕実況】糸井重里のバス釣りNo.1を釣り好きがプレイ part7
【字幕実況】糸井重里のバス釣りNo.1を釣り好きがプレイ part8

… and for those “More Mario Impersonatings”? Here’s some old ones…

Reciting the CD-i “Hotel Mario” intro.

Reciting the CD-i “Hotel Mario” Toaser scene

Mario Objects, Ace Attorney-style.

(NOTE: Chalk this one up to me being bored.)

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