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ROM Release…? …. Nah, I don’t think this counts.

Callis sent me this rom to examine… and… well, it just seemed like a corrupted to me, and I told him that.
He then told me something weird – The Memory Pack this image came from caused his Satellaview to -really- mess up. It gave out an “Error 41” message, according to him.

I looked through my old entry on Errors, and realized I never came across such an error. What is Error 41? He wasn’t able to take a picture. Can someone hack or modify the ROM in such a way that error 41 can be called out? Of course, if someone -could- do that, I’d expect even grander things, like access to many of the “locked” BS-X areas…

This strange download, if one ever dares try making a tool to put new data into a 8M Memory Pack, could replicate this “Error 41” that Callis told me about.

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