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Busy Busy Busy – 3: Error 41’s Revenge!

A while back, I posted this peculiar “ROM” image, of a ROM that supposedly causes “Error 41” messages on the BS-X in Real Hardware. I wasn’t honestly expecting to figure out how the heck that happened.

But then, a recent NicoNicoDouga video was uploaded;



Looking at the text and the description, I almost felt as though this uploader was trying to communicate directly to me with this video upload. Error 41, after all, did not seem like a message that commonly happens – it doesn’t even turn up in any emulation!

Apparently, though, this guy has a method to -invoke- Error 41, using RPG Tsukuru 2 saving screwery.

Wowzers! Also, after the Error 41 message, the uploader goes into the BS-X town and fiddles around with items, so you can see what some of them do!

The description of the vid on the site also has a download link for some various files, including a small graphics patch for BS Zelda.

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